Gathering evidence that I am doing better

I need to gather evidence that I am doing better, rather than focusing on all the ways I am feeling worse.

Negative voice: I am doing worse and I do everything wrong.

Positive response: No, I’m doing better little by little and here is some evidence:

+Set your goals really small

+People often give up hope feeling too overwhelmed.

+Each week identify what would be the tiniest-absolutely smallest piece of evidence that you are doing better.

The smallest tiniest piece of evidence that I am doing  better is:

+ I stopped my negative tape in my head once.

+That I read and completed a small section of the Depressed Anonymous Workbook, answering four questions.

+ That I was able to go out and walk though I didn’t want to this week.

+Called a friend in the recovery program.

+Began to read the first couple of paragraphs from our Big Book Depressed  Anonymous and made a commitment to read a few paragraphs   each day.

Please add a few more of your own small pieces of positive changes that you made happen this past week.

Just by reading this BLOG you are taking a tiny step in your recovery.


2 thoughts on “Gathering evidence that I am doing better

  1. I put on “grown up clothes” instead of pajamas all day more than one day this week.

    I actually threw the ball with our dog instead of telling her to go away when she brought it to me.

    I made efforts to connect with a friend this week and not be negative during the conversation.

    • These small goals seem small but in reality they are small motivators to keep pushing through the depression wall. After a week of stating your goals, reflect on which goals you would like to keep doing on a daily basis? You will have a lot of potential material to work with. Thank you for sharing your efforts and your words are motivators for the rest of us.
      PS I liked your Blog–so creative and easy to look at and use.

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