Vital Spirtual Experience

“This work (birth), when it is perfect, will be due solely to God’s action while you have been passive. If you really forsake your own knowledge and will, then surely and gladly God will enter with his knowledge shining clearly. Where God achieves self-consciousness, your own knowledge is ofno use, nor has it standing. Do not imag­ ine that your own intelligence may rise to it, so that you may know God. Indeed, when God divinely enlightens you, no natural light is required to bring that about. This (natural light) must in fact be completely extinguished before God will shine in with his light, bringing back with God all that you have forsaken and a thousand times more, together with a new form to contain it all.”
– Meister Eckart (c. 1260-1328)

Spirtuality Spurs Recovery From Depression

WASHINGTON, March 2, 2006 I U.S. Newswire

The following was released by the National Institute for Healthcare Research: “A recent study in the American Journal of Psychiatry identified this other often overlooked resource patients draw upon to help fend off depression – a deep religious commitment – that significantly reduced recovery times. This study focused on 85 patients hospitalized with serious medical illness who also became depressed. Among their battery of tests, patients took the Hoge Intrinsic Religiousness Scale which measures how deeply a person has internalized their religious values and faith. Surprisingly, patients recovered from their depression 70 percent faster for every 10-point increase on the Hoge scale, which ranged from 10 to 50. This link held even when taking into account other factors that could speed up recovery including improving physical health…”

Higher Thoughts

I will affirm myself by getting in touch with my feelings and expressing

“To know how to behave you have to rely on other people’s opinions, and so
you live under the tyrannies of ‘they.’ What will ‘they’ think? is the
thing that accompanies every action and determines every decision.”


I am so accustomed to living my life on the basis of others feelings
thoughts, and decisions about myself that in the end I feel de-selfed.
I feel empty and horribly alone; I feel saddened over the loss of my
identity as a person.
Now, I feel hopeful as I see that one of my best ways to defend my
sense of nothingness is to seek out the presence of this force
bigger than myself and be willing today–just for today, to let it
work its power in my life. My identity as a person is going to grow
slowly and spiritually.
Even depressed, it’s hard to make up my mind. Just knowing that
this is part of my depression makes it less painful as I still make
a mental decision to turn my will and my life over to the care of
God, as I understand him.


Our God is consciousness and is knowledgeable of everything in the
universe. Our God is at the center of our lives, replacing the
sadness around which our world revolved. The more conscious we are
of God working in our minds and thoughts, the more we are going to
feel like someone we can love. (Personal comments).

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