Feel empowered! Go to a Depressed Anonymous meeting

The group meeting is where trust and openness is promoted among the fellowship. My defenses gradually lessen at every meeting and now I find myself speaking about myself. I now believe that with my new openness no one will discredit or abandon me. I now feel secure in this new fellowship of persons who are just like me. I can live in hope and not despair. I learn that trust leads to freedom.

In the personal testimony portion of the Depressed Anonymous Manual, on pages 110-152, a Depressed Anonymous member, Starr, shares how the group meeting gives a feeling of empowerment to those who want to share their story as a person that has suffered depression since childhood.

I can say that until you start to open up, share your hurts and feelings, listen to members of the group, watching them as they grow from the support of the group, you will not be able to get out of the prison of your depression.”

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4 thoughts on “Feel empowered! Go to a Depressed Anonymous meeting”

  1. Why is it so hard to share and be open about depression for me? I’ve pretty much isolated for months now, just because it’s easier to not explain or fake a smile.

    1. My name is Mark and I am new to this form I can tell you that the people around you and your love ones already know about your depression. I’m recovering alcoholic as well as currently suffering from a bout of severe depression. I’ve learned through Alcoholics Anonymous that we are only as sick as our darkest secrets. While I would not suggest that you wear your feelings on your sleeve you should have a couple of people that you have total Confidence in and learn to speak openly and candidly with them this is a must for any type of recovery whether it be depression and alcoholism or substance-Confidence in and learn to speak openly and candidly with them this is a must for any type of recovery whether it be depression and alcoholism or substance-abuse.

      1. Mark and Mylinda
        Thank you for your response here and taking the time to respond to Mylinda. Truth wins out. It is a truth that by talking with someone who has the same problem that we have and who is in a better place because of having someone to talk to about his/her problem. I think Depressed Anonymous’Personal Stories is a clear indication that when we are in a safe place(a DA meeting) where we can share our story, it is there that we being accepted can begin to grow.
        As a therapist I found that I could relate in a most positive way with a depressed person because I have been there in my own life. No psychobabble from me–just my story and that was a beginning of healing for my counselee. And paradoxically, the more I shared my story, the more I felt OK about sharing. In fact, the guilt and shame that brought me to depression, was of critical use as I explained the process of forgiving myself, getting out of my solation and living again with serenity and hope.

        1. Mark thank you so much for reaching out to me. I am new to this as well, not the depression or dependency on self-medicating with alcohol, but new to speaking about it. I recently had to quit my drug and alcohol counseling job due to overwhelming depression and anxiety . Soon after I developed cervical cancer which led to many surgeries and I am now recovered from the surgeries but not the mental aspect it has left in my life. The last three days I have really dug in to things like yoga, sitting at least one goal a day that takes care of me either mentally, spiritually or physically. I have literally been in my pajamas now for about three weeks and my goal for Friday is to get up get dressed and get busy living again. I have went to and spoke with different doctors who did not seem to understand and only wanted me to take 10 different medications which made things worse it seemed and stressed me out more. That was just my experience and I do believe my record of alcoholism 15 years ago plays a huge role in hell these doctors treat me. I have pretty much pushed away anyone that even offered to be a friend and just recently reconciled relationships with my grown children and helps them to understand what I’m going through not only after a complete hysterectomy but also no one has ever Known the Melinda that is depressed, without energy, without hope. I know that girl now and she isn’t who I want to be. So here is to day three of trying new things. Just typing it and only a surface of it is scary but I’m taking steps out of fear today! What do I have to lose? Again thank you guys both so much for your responses and I hope to have connections in this form that will help not only me.

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