SWALLOWING MY ANGER

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               (Articles on how anger can  affect our lives on a daily basis.)

An excerpt from  The Depressed Anonymous Workbook. (Fourth Step.   Question # 4.41.) Page 33.

“Because you are unaware of being angry does not mean that you are not angry. It is the anger you are unaware of which can do the most damage to you and to your relationships with other people, since it does get expressed, but in  inppropriate  ways. Freud once likened anger to the smoke in an old fashioned wood burning stove. The normal avenue for discharge of the smoke is up the flue and out the chimney; If the normal avenue is blocked, the smoke  will leak out the stove in unintended ways…around the door, through the grate, etc., choking everyone in the room. If all avenues of escape are blocked, the fire goes out and the above ceases to function. Likewise, the normal human expression of anger is gross physical movement and /or loud vocalization: watch a red-faced hungry infant sometime. We learn to be “be nice,” which means(among other things) hiding  “bad” feelings. By adulthood, even verbal expression is stifled, and to protect ourselves from the unbearable burden of continually unexpressed “bad” feelings,  we go to the next step  and convince ourselves that we are not angry, even  when we are.  Such self-deception is seldom completely successful and the blocked anger “leaks out” in   inappropriate ways…”

The Depressed Anonymous Workbook (2002) Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville.KY.


TOMORROW’S   BLOG (2/21) is about discovering  how we hide our anger from ourselves.  TAKING  THE HIDDEN ANGER SURVEY.






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