A bird watcher I am not-normally.

Well, we have become quite the observer recently of what a bird does as it is about to give birth. It waits. It waits some more. It has already fashioned a nice home for the new and soon expected occupants. .

From my front porch I am able to see my Robin friend come and go, morning noon and evening as it prepares to  watch the little ones as they pop their heads out of the small eggs. This is what mother bird, myself, and my family are waiting for. When is the big day going to happen?

Everyday as I go out and sit in the fresh morning air I see mother Robin sitting patiently on the egg(s) as  I presume there will be more than one baby Robin. I see her sitting on her eggs  at dinner time, and after supper. I remain as focused on my new friend as my Robin friend is focused on taking care of those who are to come.

To date, no babies. I’ll keep you informed.

Having a positive  focus is the  solution for so many of our life difficulties.  But for those of us who are or have been depressed, our focus centers  mainly around the hellish experience which we call melancholia or depression. Our attention centers on how bad we are, or how bad our life is or how bad life  is treating us. And since our focus is on these feelings of helplessness, morning, noon and night, so much so, that we are spending sleepless hours every night restless and agitated.

Now I am like the Robin about to give birth. I am waiting for someone, something to give me a hope  that I can give birth  somehow to a life lived with serenity and hope. I ask myself, where can I find that place in my life where hope abounds? How do I turn my hopelessness into a way out of my depression. For me personally, I think it is about focus and keeping one’s eye on the prize as they say. My focus for these past 30 years has been on a power greater than myself. I have learned that I can leave this prison of depression with work, time and a PLAN. The plan is to do the   same positive thing everyday.  Each 24 hours  is all  we  have. I use every morning reading my 12 Step readings and literature from my Depressed Anonymous fellowship. And during the day I say my Serenity prayer, which continues to keep me focused on doing the next right thing for keeping my serenity and hope alive. My focus now  is to share my personal rebirth (recovery) with all those in my life today who are looking for help,  plus that positive  focus that can carry them through every day of their life no matter what comes or what circumstance they will have to face.

You can read about these folks in  the Depressed Anonymous literature–VISIT THE BOOKSTORE.

Depressed Anonymous, 3rd edition (2011) Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville. PERSONAL STORIES SECTION.

Go to a Depressed Anonymous meeting in your community.

PS.I continue to visit my Robin friend in great anticipation.

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