“The more I think thoughts of how inadequate I am, the more I want to isolate myself from others. I believe that this will protect me from having to fear that awful pain of rejection that I have been so familiar with throughout my life. The more I isolate and withdraw, the more I am setting myself up for defeat. I will face my fears now and not flee .

I know that the more I get an accurate understanding of myself and my compulsion to withdraw, the more I put into my own power the ability to overcome my spontaneous thoughts to hide, withdraw and isolate myself from others. I listen now to these old tapes for a brief moment, turn them off, and begin to play my new directions on how to begin to live with courage and trust. I want to make new friends. I am beginning to live life with a new set of rules.”


God, help us to find our way out of these old tapes in our head which keep playing the same old shameful and mournful hymn of how unworthy we are of other’s friendship or support. God help us know that you are our help and our God in life.”

SOURCE: Higher thoughts for down days: 365 daily thoughts and meditations for twelve step fellowships.  Depressed Anonymous Publications, Louisville, Ky  40217.  February 12 (pg. 33.

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