How would you describe  the way you usually relate to other people  —controlling them or being dependent on them, or varying between the two?  Or  some other way?  THE DEPRESSED ANONYMOUS WORKBOOK (P.17)

So many times we want people to like us and by this we let others control how we feel. We lose our selves the more our self and our behavior and the way we look at ourselves is dictated by whether they approve of us or don’t approve of us.

One thought on “A QUESTION”

  1. I am hurting and scared right now. I am lost and barely able to function
    I was just attempting to organize some personal information and could barely process it. My brain just does not want to go where I need it to go. Its like I want to wind it up and go but it has no giddy up. I went to see my psychiatrist and put me back on meds. I know this alone won’t help.me move forward. I have worked the twelve steps before and did not give up control to higher power. I just got married and am happy my wife is beautiful. I take on all.the worlds problems, and am controlling of my environment to reduce my anxiety. Due to my present state I go from being numb to crying. I am so exhausted and want so much to find peace but how? You say by admitting my life had become unmanageable will here I am admitting it. My out word life from appearances looks great. Inside I am as empty as a gas can. Inside I have so much anxiety I feel like I am being stuck by needles. Also, I cannot keep up with the world anymore and just want to get off. Where do I go from here?

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