Believing is seeing: 15 ways to leave the prison of depression

Believing is seeing!

1. “We accept and believe that however hopeless everything appears right now we will recover from our depression.”

“We know that this belief is one of the most important things that we can hang onto as we move through our experience of depression. I have spent almost three decades of working directly  with the depressed in individual counseling. Also, by my active participation in the recovery program of Depressed Anonymous I know from personal experience that those persons who kept coming back to the group meetings week after week always got better. So often people depressed have given up hope of ever feeling different or that they even have the power to change the way they feel. They don’t believe that they have a choice as to whether to get well or to stay locked in the prison of depression. This is why this belief coupled with the first Step of Depressed Anonymous, a 12 Step mutual aid support group, has so much impact on one’s personal belief about recovery. The 1st Step of Depressed Anonymous states that “we admitted that we were powerless over depression and that our lives had become unmanageable.”

First, we have to admit that our lives are out of control because no matter how hard we have tried we can’t shake the awfulness of the despairing and hollow feeling that has us feeling powerless and hopeless…”

More to come…stay tuned.

SOURCE: COPYRIGHT(C) Believing is seeing: 15 ways to leave the prison of depression.(2002) Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville, KY. Page 1.

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