Anger ties a person more closely to the person he/she is angry with.”

This is your Higher Thought for today.


I believe that by forgiving others and letting go of any grudges against any person or institution that I will find a source for ongoing, daily serenity.

“…actively not forgiving the person who injured you, spending much of your time, feeling and expressing  your hatred, fantasizing  and even carrying out acts of revenge, does not lead to a rich  fulfilling life. Indeed, you become a lesser person that you might have been and you waste your life.” D. Rowe


A terrible weight is removed when I rid myself of my resentments and I attempted to make a conscious decision to forgive others. First of all, I learn that in order to truly forgive I must get in touch with my feelings of anger and hurt.  I want to feel those unpleasant emotions so that I can release them. By their  appropriate expression, they no longer can hurt me or keep me depressed. The more I release my bottled up feelings, the less frustrated and depressed I become.

Someone once said that a person’s anger ties a person more closely to the person he/she is angry with. To forgive is to release myself from the grasp of a relationship that is nonproductive and harmful.”


God, may we make a fearless and moral  inventory of our lives.  May we have the courage to change what we need to change and the energy to carry it out. We believe that it is only by our willingness to quit our addiction that we can have more hope in our power to be hopeful. ‘

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SOURCE:  COPYRIGHT(C)  Higher Thoughts for down days: 365 daily thought and meditations for  members  of 12 step fellowship groups. Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville. March 26 Page 61-62.

Friends are good medicine


Research continues to show how friends or social support can play a significant  role in maintaining good health.  One of  the studies published in 1992,   in  the  Journal of the American Medical Society, examined 1,368  heart patients over time. The Duke University study found that those persons who lacked a spouse or confident were three times as likely to die within five years of diagnosis than those who  were married or had a close friend.

In an article on the study, ( in New York Times of February 5, 1992, page’s C – 12), it was noted that the Duke University researchers had concluded, ” a support group may be as effective as costly medical treatment. Simply put, having someone to talk to is very powerful medicine.” American self-help clearinghouse, Denville, NJ 07834.

As any member of a 12 step support group, or mutual aid group can testify, just being able to share one’s own story with others like ourselves,  can produce healing and hope. To know that we no longer have to suffer alone is in  itself a great source of hope!



Just for today, I intend to believe and hope that my relaxing my hold on life will give me, paradoxically, a better grasp (grip) on where I need to be in life.

“I still get scared, I don’t know where I am going or what I want anymore, or what life will throw up at me next, but, for the first time in my life, there is no rigid life-plan, and I have been forced to take, and enjoy, one day at a time.”


After admitting that I am depressed I can very truthfully say that I now need to get on with my life and work.  I want to admit as well that the Higher Power will not let me travel down any roads that I need not travel.  Even though there are always a few bends in the road along the way, I will still trust in my God to get me where I need to get. I also know that by attaching myself to my God’s leading I cannot go wrong.

By the time I was almost a year old, I already knew who I wanted to attach myself to as well as I knew who I wanted to withdraw from.  Is it possible that early on childhood frights are still unconsciously scaring the wits out of me today.  I need to live in the solution and attach myself to what has worked for me in the past when I got myself out of depression.


Just our surrendering our will to you, our God, gives us the liberty to attach ourselves to new and hopeful ways of reflecting about our lives.

SOURCE: (c) Higher Thoughts for Down days: 365 Daily Thoughts and Meditations for 12 Step fellowship groups. (1993, 1999)   Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville, KY 40217. Pages 83-84. April 25.