Change is of the nature of a spiral instead of a straight line

How many times have I heard clients tell me that they want to change. Most times the change that they desire is to remove pain from their lives. This pain could be an emotional one, a physical pain or a pain of a botched relationship. Pain, no matter how you look at it, prompts us to look at our lives, habits and relationship.

One time I asked a client why he drank so much. I wasn’t prepared for his answer. It was honest enough, but nevertheless a surprise. He told me unabashedly that he drank because it made him feel good. I was thinking that he might be drinking because of a lost job, a relationship or marriage that didn’t work out. But he told me that he was going to keep on drinking. No one was going to take that away from him.

Has depression distorted us from the truths of life? Namely, that life is to be lived with hope and serenity. Nursing along a good habit can in time wean us from old and debilitating habits of thought and behavior. We want to daily fill our day with the gratitude that we are indeed better and that the trust that we have is indeed placed in the Higher Power.

In order for us to escape depression we need to begin to be aware of the process of how people change.

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