Change we must; we cannot stand still

Bill W., co- founder of Alcoholics Anonymous  got it right when he wrote these words. He said we have to grow or else deteriorate. This is true of all life, including  plant, animal and humanity.  We cannot stop growing and if we do, we wither and die. Our daily life must be  guided by those certain constructive  activities where  our ongoing development is enhanced and strengthened.

In our program of recovery (I am speaking of Depressed Anonymous) our growth is measured by the amount of serenity and hope  that fills our daily life. These two qualities are like taking those essential vitamins keeping us healthy and in touch with the power greater than ourselves that provides for personal guidance and direction.

The spiritual principles of the 12 steps keep us on the march,   in  sync with   the promises as provided us by the co-founders of AA in the Big Book. Every day is a challenge and an opportunity to change into that person,  who piece by piece has begun  dismantling all that is negative in one’s life and replacing that with positive strengths and attitudes.  That means that we cannot stand still  forever and remain frozen in a constant battle with our inner demons –always coming out the loser with no real change in the way we live out our lives.

The real change begins the moment that we surrender our will and our   lives to that Power greater than ourselves. Every day we use the spiritual principles of our program   to chart our course, much like the North Star which provides the reference point for the  lost mariner.

Going to meetings, talking with our sponsor and reading the literature of our 12 Step Fellowship  pretty much insure that  our lives will continue to change in many positive ways.  It has to be said that just as a caterpillar  changes into  a butterfly, so too we begin a transformation that can  last a lifetime.  That’s a promise!


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