Co-rumination and its effectiveness

What is co-rumination but two people coming together and sharing with each other their own issue with depression.  Obviously, this can be a solution to the problem of trying to figure out the problem in your own head.

In our manual, Depressed Anonymous, 3rd edition we can read more about what happens when we do not share our story with another.

“The more you ruminate about how sad you are and then how bad you are for being so sad, the more you have begun  the downward spiral  into physically feeling weak and hopeless.  This is the  time to call a friend or a member of the group(Depressed Anonymous). Just s ay: “Hey, I’m feeling sad and  this is the reason why I think I am feeling sad –and what do you think?”  More times than not, your sad feelings will melt away.” Page 93.

But we need to remember, a co-ruminator will not lead you down the road to more misery, but will continue to share with you the spiritual principles of the Twelve Steps.  There is such a thing as a positive rumination. This form of chewing on what is possible in overcoming our symptoms of depression gradually  leads  you out of the swamp  giving you the necessary tools to continue to live with hope and with positive avenues of living every day with serenity.



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