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  1. Looking for a meeting in my area.
    Are there phone meetings?
    Are there people who could work the 12 steps with me.
    Thank you,

    • Hi
      Let us know where you are located plus your email address /or call our warm line at 502. 569.1989
      Thank you for your message

      • Are there any Phone Meeting’s? Like Laurel, I would like to find one. I live In the San Francisco Bay area. Any local groups would be a help. But specifically phone would be helpful, since travel is not easy for me.

        Thanks, Peter

        • Hi Peter
          We have an online SKYPE meeting which is international in character and maintained and led by 12 step leaders. When you click onto the meeting(live) it’s just like going to a face to face meeting. I think you might find it very helpful. You can find this group by going back to the site menu board at depressedanon.com. The title is The International ONLINE SKPYE DEPRESSED ANONYMOUS meeting.The group meets on Sunday and Wednesday Just click onto the link and you will find yourself in a meeting. (This link is the second menu item on the menu board home page.)
          I hope this can help.


          • Hi Anna
            The only DA meetings of which we are aware is the one located at The Colony in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. These meetings are once every week. Please contact tom at his address dathecolony@yahoo.com. I do hope this helps even though there does not seem to be a group in Houston.

      • Hi Tyler

        Good for you. There are 2 online meetings using SKYPE technology. Please go to the menu at our website depressedanon.com and there you will find the link (top line) that will take you to the live meetings online.
        Thank you for writing.

  2. Thee are no DA groups in this area–sorry to say. I think A community Mental Health Ctr in your area would have support programs for you daughter. Thank you for contacting us.

    • Hi David
      Thanks for the request. Tell us what city, country in which you live and we will let you know place, time and contact.

    • Hello Lida
      At the present time there are no DA groups in Montreal. At one time we knew of a group in Toronto. All we can do is to recommend that you use the Home Study Program of DA which includes the DA Manual and also the Workbook. Even though it is not face to face it is a great way to start taking care of yourself and the issues of depression. In time then you may get one other person to go through these self-help books with you and gradually have others join you. Until a group forms around you /or someone actually starts a group I know this is an excellent way to get started.
      All the best and please keep in touch. DA

    • Hi Shane
      Believe it or not–no, as far as we know there are no DA groups in this area–we always recommend that you can get a good start by going through the DA Workbook (questions that help you work through your own depression) and the DA Manual. These are the Home Study Program which will at least help you get started on issues surrounding your own depression. The questions in the Workbook help one begin to face what may have brought you down in the first place. Because the Manual has been written by those who have been depressed we feel its a great way to help oneself before a group gets moving.
      Hopefully, this gives you a reason to start on your own til a group can be formed.
      Thank you and we hope you this info helps until a face to face group can get formed in Sydney.

    • Hi Shane
      Presently, there are no DA groups in Sydney Hopefully you are someone may want top set them up. Please look at our website for more info on starting your own group in Australia. Or you can use the Home Study Program for your own personal use and guidance. Thank you for your interest. DA

    • Hi Mary
      At the present time there are NO meetings in the LA area as far as we know. I wish there were but someone has to want to start a group–and until that person or person s show up the LA is without our 12 step program of recovery.
      Since we 12 step we should be more available to a wider population. Hopefully, in time.
      Thank you for your interest. And all that you may need to start a group is at our website. Take a look and see if you and others would like to set up a group. All the best to you.

          • Hi Hugh,
            I received the books and material I ordered from you early last week. Thanks for the prompt delivery.
            I had my first D.A. Meeting yesterday! Only 3 people, but what a blessed day it was! Made new friends and shared experience, strengths and hopes! Looking forward to next Sunday!
            Thanks again and God Bless!

    • Sounds great. Thank you for the info. We will place them on the net group locations if someone could send me a list of time and places and contacts.
      We would like to know more about the meetings there in Culver.

    • Jordan
      At this time, sorry to say there are no groups in this area. Hopefully some day. Thank you for your interest.

    • Hello Erica
      As far as our records show, we do not have any Depressed Anonymous groups in Michigan–at least not at the present. Sorry. Thank you for inquiring about our program of recovery. Hopefully, someday we’ll have a group started there. All it takes is for one person to get it organized. Two people working together is even better sometimes.

  3. Hi im Tony n had been suffering from deppression since i was 17. I live in madison wisconsin. Do u have people in the area maybe also meetin

    I would like for someone to email me or call me if there areeetings in madison wisconsin

    Thanksgs i can go to ?

    • Hi Erin

      There are no groups at this time in MD. So sorry to tell you that. But there is a lot of material on line at our site here where you might find info that could be of help to you as it is to others.
      Please let us know how we might be of help to you in other ways.

  4. I live in MA but I don’t live anywhere near Shrewsbury or Marlboro where your support groups are. I was wondering if you were ever going to come to the south shore of MA? Maybe somewhere around in Plymouth County?

    • Hi Margaret
      At the present time, no plans are being made to establish a group in your location. Hopefully, someday, someone like yourself may want to start a group in your community. In the meantime, our group has a HOME STUDY program that many use till the day when they can usher in their own program.

    • Yes, our fellowship does Skype and we visit face to face with whole groups and one on one with DA fellowship.
      Currently doing Step study with member in Belarus. Also group study with group DA in Iran. SKYPE also has helped us contact group in Russia.
      I would be willing to do Step study with you or anyone interested in having a DA meeting online from your country.
      Peace be with you. Please contact us if you are interested. My email address is depanon@netpenny. Hugh S

    • Hi Jody
      I will get our tech to get your site on our drop down menu. I tried to get it up on group listings but was unable. It will be up as soon as I can talk to a person more knowledgeable.
      God bless your work

  5. looking for Depressed Anonymous meeting in the Herkimer/Utica NY area – any info available for something nearby?


    • Hi Greg
      Sorry, but as far as we know we have no listings of a group in or near this area. Maybe you could start you own group. Our website has info on how to get this done. We would help in any way that you would like–we could also refer you to those persons who have started groups and let you know the ins and outs.
      Hugh for the fellowship.
      And thank you for writing to us and again, we hope you push on for your self and for those with whom you may be able to help.

  6. I live in the UK, South Wales and would like to start aDA group in my town of Port Talbot How do I do this and where do I go for direction and literature. ANY tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  7. I would love info on meetings online? I don’t See meetings in or area, sw Missouri. Can you help me with info about starting meetings? Can you please call me 4175929514. I’d love to talk to someone about getting them around here. I believe my area could use it badly

    • Please call us at our number 502.553.3404. My name is Hugh and we would be happy to help you find ways to start a group in your area. To get you started you might want to read our ISSUE#! at our Newsletter archives @ wwww.depressedanon.com. Please check the menu to our website for more information on who we are and what we do.
      Peace and Hope.

    • Hello
      What you would need to start a group in UK is to go to our website at depressedanon.com and read each of the menu items and start there. I would recommend that you read ISSUE#1 at our Newsletter archives for more detailed information on how to start a group. You would also do your self a favor by reading the Depressed Anonymous Manual ,3rd edition plus using the DA Workbook, both are available at Depressed Anonymous Publications…and can be purchased online. These two books will be needed if someone wants to operate a well organized Depressed Anonymous meeting. If some one wants to have a sponsor and use our material in a study program with a sponsor you might contact us.
      I do hope that you can get started with a group–your people will be grateful they are finding help. Help is in the group. We call it the miracle of the group.

    • First of all thank you for your message today. To answer your question about a group in the 40241 area–there is none that we are aware of. I wish there could be a group but so far there is none. Hopefully, someday there might be a group in this area.

      Sincerely, Hugh
      PS There is a group located off Dixie Hwy in Louisville, which meets on Thursday nite. Please go to our website for groups in Kentucky and the address will be listed there with the time of meetings.

  8. Hello,
    I am looking for online meetings and a sponsor or buddy with whom to work the steps by phone or email. Would anybody like to do this with me?

    • Hello Elle
      Thank you for your interest in our mutual aid program of recovery, Depressed Anonymous. If you are thinking of an email program where you correspond with a sponsor via email then we might have something that you could find helpful.
      This past January 2018 we (Depressed Anonymous) sponsored a Home Study Program of recovery for those persons unable to either find a local meeting or just would like to work the Steps on their own. Presently we are sponsoring 4 individuals who are now engaged in the Home Study email program. (I see where you have downloaded the two books needed for this Home Study program). We are presently open to a few more applicants and if you would like to be part of this please let me know. My name is Dr. Hugh Smith and I have found the email process very beneficial to those involved and committed to using the Workbook in relationship with the DA Manual, 3rd edition.
      I am presently working with persons from Nebraska, USA., Tehran, Iran; Netherlands., Belarus, Russia.
      The email process is quite straightforward–a participant mails their responses to the Workbook and I respond with a return email. All is strictly confidential. There are no fees or dues. And if you would like to have friend(s) work with you that would be fine.
      For any more information please consider reviewing our website depressedanon.com or send us a note at depanon@netpenny.net. Please check out our HOME STUDY PROGRAM info that appears at our drop down menu.
      Because the 12 Steps have saved my life, December 7th, 1982, I then founded Depressed Anonymous in 1985. This desire to help those “still suffering from depression” has given me a personal passion to pass on my own experience and those many others who have used the Steps to free themselves from this life threatening illness.
      Hope to hear from you and to answer any and all questions which you might have about this program via email.
      Dr. Hugh Smith MS., DMin.

  9. I want to thank you Hugh. I have just come across your website and have found huge connection with the content. I have tried to use a couple of other 12 step programmes but they were never a true ‘fit’. I have lived with depression for more years than I like to admit ( I am over 70 now), and although I have sometimes managed to lessen the pain, it has never gone away. I didn’t realise until the age of 35 that it wasn’t normal to have suicidal thoughts, and I’m considered intelligent by most people. I live in Europe and there are no DA groups here, so I would be very interested in having access to an online meeting if someone starts one. In the meantime I await the arrival of the DA Manual and DA Workbook, and have started using the daily Thoughts for Down Days which I had downloaded to my iPad. Again thank you for this site which could be a true life saver to me.

    • Hello Patricia
      So happy that you have found some information that will be helpful to you and your daily living.
      I will be in touch with you later on this day. I look forward to visiting with you about some ideas that may be acceptable to you and for your own recovery. I have been at this for many years(I founded DA in 1985) and am always heartened by the response that we receive about our program from around the world. Our Manual has now been published in Russian, Farsi(Iran) and soon into Spanish and then Into Dutch.
      We all have so much to give to each other and that is the source of my own recovery as I continue to share with any and all who are suffering from depression.
      All the best to you. BTW, I am 78 years young and getting younger (haha).

    • Hi Patricia
      If you are interested in a Home Study Program using our Workbook and Manual please let me know. I haven ongoing sponsorship program for persons desirous of using the Home Study program of recovery. We correspond via eMAils and this works out well. No fees or dues. You will already have the material books which we use and if you would like to use this Home Study program please let me know.
      I would be happy to be at your service here if you would like to know more about this program.

      All the best

    • “I have tried to use a couple of other 12 step programmes but they were never a true ‘fit’. I have lived with depression for more years than I like to admit ”
      ***I am in the same boat. I tried to run this program as an Al-Anon member, as an Emotions Anonymous member, and then as a christian-sitting-in-the-pews-member (including Celebrate Recovery, which is basically the 12 steps from a christian perspective).

      I just realized this week that AA members have this interesting expression: They don’t ‘front’ sobriety. That expression comes from an addict going up to his dealer and saying, “hey, can you front me a couple of grams”.

      What I finally realized is that AA has been fronting ‘sobriety’ for those of us who have a different issue than Alcoholism by saying that you can work your particular issue in their program. But if that were true, there would never have been a Gamblers Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Al-Anon, Marijuana Anonymous, Lovers and Sex Addicts Anonymous, etc. It’s easy to front someone else’s ‘sobriety’ because it costs THEM nothing.

  10. I’m looking for a meeting, I don’t think there are any in Denver, CO, or any of the surrounding cities in Colorado. I would love to be able to work the steps with someone.

    • Hello Anna
      Thank you for your comment and desire to work the Steps with someone. We offer a Home Study Program, where a person interested learning more about the Steps and using them for their own recovery can follow with a Depressed Anonymous Workbook and the Depressed Anonymous manual. 3rd edition. Presently we have three persons using this format. There is a woman 12 Step member in Holland; a woman in US and a group of DA members from a Depressed Anonymous meeting in Iran. All follow our standard approach utilizing communication with me via Emails. The Workbook and the DA Manual are coordinated. Each Step is discussed not only in the Manual but the Workbook questions and the user’s answers to the questions are important components for our personal recovery. My time with participants I consider to be much like the sponsor in the 12 Step fellowship groups. The only charge is for the lesson materials. You can go to the DA Publications Bookstore at our website for ordering procedures. You can order the books as eBooks and download onto your computer (most economical format); Order both as one unit (combo) from our website; or order directly from the Publisher at Amazon.com.
      My own personal recovery goes back to 1982 when I became part of a 12 Step fellowship. In 1985 I and a few Graduate students designed a program (pilot project) at the University where I was pursuing my Graduate degree. I knew the power of the 12 Steps and so I modeled a program for depression using the Steps. The program now is global.
      Please understand that if for whatever reason purchase of our material is not possible know that our Publisher (DAP) will work something out with me. Because there is no charge for my part in this program –sponsors don’t charge anything- (I have had the same sponsor for 15 years and he has never charged me a dime—he better not or I’d fire him.) There are no fees or dues–ever…at the meetings or in sponsorship.
      Just a concern that I want to mention to you Anna: that there is work involved in getting free of depression. The program will take time, a commitment and prayer. But you will find that by facing yourself and doing self reflection exercises, with DA Book and Workbook used faithfully, good things will happen for you.
      Please take a look at our website at http://www.depressedanon.com and examine the various menus on our home page. I have written more than 700 blogs and we publish Newsletters which is a good thing to look at if you want to be part of this journey.
      If you have questions, please write to me at depanon@netpenny.net and I will try to answer questions as best I can. Sometimes I use SKYPE for those who like f2f contact. Members in Russia, Iran, Malaysia, Ukraine and USA use SKYPE. As you probably know, the world is a very depressed place in which to live. Depression knows no boundaries, no race, culture or religion.
      So, if interested in our program, contact me here or email me at our address depanon@netpenny.net. Thank you for your interest.
      My name is Hugh S., MS., DMin. Hoping to hear back from you when you like.

  11. Hi Hugh
    Are you going to contact me and tell me how to start using the Home Study group? I would be interested in this as there seems to be nothing available here in the way of physical groups where I live.
    Thank you, Patricia

    • Hi Pat
      Yes, I am going to contact you. Please go to our website at depressedanon.com and click onto menu item which says Home Study Program. It is here that you will gain some more information on how to go about this process. Basically, what it is, is a collaboration between me and the participant in this valuable process.
      The participant, you, and my self, exchange emails with each other pertaining to your work with the Depressed Anonymous Workbook, coordinated with the DA manual.
      You begin this process by starting with Step #1 in Manual and then answering the questions in the Workbook that pertains to Step #1 and your own personal experiences with depression.
      The point here is that I am not correcting a student’s paper, but with your responses from the Workbook and I add my own personal experiences to yours and we both benefit from our continuing correspondence with each other.
      Right now I am working with two other persons who are engaged in this Home Study process(they have no groups where they live) –and one DA group in Iran who are Depressed members.
      Basically, I serve as a sponsor, with those persons who like to have some support in helping them through the tough times of depression.
      So, Pat this is basically the process. You can take your time and together we both can learn more about living and dealing with depression.
      Hoping to hear from you and how you would like to proceed. The process is confidential.

  12. Hello,
    I’ve suffered from depression most of my adult life and feel alone. It would be great to be in a group with others who have been there. Are there any meetings in San Diego or San Diego North County? Are there any meetings online?

    • Hi Tina
      Sorry to say, there are no groups in your area and there are no online groups. We do have a Home Study program where a member of DA helps a participant go through the Depressed Anonymous Manual and the Workbook online. This process is achieved by emails between the participant and the sponsor.
      It’s a meeting nevertheless between two people (albeit small). We do work with an Iranian DA group, as they go through the Steps. They have been in the process of translating the Workbook–they’ve finished translating the Manual. It’s an approach that works for those who want to try the Home Study process of using the Steps in their own lives. The process is accomplished with emails.
      You can read more about this program at our website depressedanon.com and then decide if this might be for you. The main books can be downloaded as Ebooks.
      Thank you for writing and I am sorry there are no groups near you. Hugh

  13. Cordial saludo. Les escribo desde la ciudad de Medellin, Colombia. Actualmente teneos el deseo de abrir un grupo de 12 pasos para la recuperación de la Depresión. Para Nosotros es de Vital importancia. Les solicitamos muy comedidamente nos puedan orientar para la apertura de un grupo en nuestra ciudad. Necesitamos Literatura y queremos saber por favor como obtenerla.

    Quedamos atentos a su pronta respuesta.

    Muchas Gracias

    Jorge Camero A.

    Best regard. I am writing from the city of Medellin, Colombia. Currently you have the desire to open a group of 12 steps for the recovery of the Depression. For us it is of vital importance. We ask you very kindly to guide us to open a group in our city. We need Literature and we want to know how to obtain it.

    We remain attentive to your prompt response.

    Thank you so much

    Jorge Camero A.

  14. Best regard. I am writing from the city of Medellin, Colombia. Currently you have the desire to open a group of 12 steps for the recovery of the Depression. For us it is of vital importance. We ask you very kindly to guide us to open a group in our city. We need Literature and we want to know how to obtain it.

    We remain attentive to your prompt response.

    Thank you so much

    Jorge Camero A.

    • Hello Barbara
      There is a Depressed Anonymous phone(SKYPE) International group which recently formedon on 11/4, 2018.The meeting time is 10:30 est Sundays. English is the spoken language.
      The email to participate at SKYPE is Depanon@hotmail.com. If you have any further questions please email me at Depanon@netpenny.net. I intend to write back to you with any information which you will need.

  15. Hello!
    My name is Marlene, from Portugal, depressed. I would like to start going to online meetings and work the program. However I’m not being able to find the online meetings schedules. I was wondering if you could help me out with this?

    Thank you,


    • Hello Marlene
      Thank you for your post. At the present we are trying to get something going where we could operate an online International Depressed Anonymous group. SP far, we are still in the talking stage. The group when it gets up and running will be based on other 12 step group which operate online and are international. These are the Al-Anon, AA, Codep groups plus others. The person in charge of trying to get this moving is in Netherlands and I will be contacting her this evening. I am in the US. So please be patient and til something happens, you can either enroll in our Home Study program of recovery plus reading past DA Newsletters and Blogs at our website http://www.depressedanon.com. ALl of which will give you some ideas for your own recovery and feelings of hope.
      I do thank you for your interest, and knowing that you are depressed presently, I do hope that you keep us informed of your needs and questions needed answering. My best thought for you is that there is hope.
      I do think Portugal might have others who might be experiencing depression and possibly you might gather some together, using our Manual and see the improvement that can happen when the steps are applied to one’s life and environment.
      All the best to you, and yours. Also, by reading some of the past issues of the DA Newsletter you can get a more full idea of who we are and what we do.
      Hugh S.

  16. Are there any meetings in the Los Angeles – Hollywood/West Hollywood/miracle mile area?

    I’m having trouble finding depressed anonymous groups that don’t require $100 per group…

    Thanks !

    • Hello Lili
      There are no groups of Depressed Anonymous in these areas as far as we know. I do know this: No Depressed Anonymous requires a fee for any of its services-(I’ve have been with this group for over 30 years. I founded it). We offer an online group Home study for those who wish to start studying the Steps on their own when there is no group in their area. These Home Study groups are sponsored by a member of Depressed Anonymous by means of communicating with emails. Presently we have five individuals being guided by a sponsor–Some who live in other countries. Again, our group which is based on the Spiritual Principles of the Twelve Steps of AA know how effective it’s use is to those who are suffering from depression. So, if you are interested in the Home Study please let us know. Twelve step support groups are free.
      Looking forward to hearing from you.
      Hugh depanon@netpenny.net.

  17. Hello folks:

    We will be starting a Depressed Anonymous meeting in San Jose, CA this Sunday at 7pm at the Alano Club East (1122 Fair Ave, San Jose, CA).

    We could use your support and encouragement. I’m not sure how anonyous we need to be here, so I’m not posting my phone number just yet.

    In God’s Love

    Kevin O

    • Wishing all of us at Depressed Anonymous a happy Easter and giving an update.

      Our DA meeting continues to meet Sunday evenings at the Alano Club in San Jose, 1122 Fair Avenue. We changed the meeting time from 7pm to 6:30pm to accommodate the people working there. I would characterize this as a successful program — the meetings tend to be small. Up to 8 people at a time (with 5 newcomers that day).

      We have decided to dispense with the tradition that says we operate on attraction rather than promotion. Like it says in Ecclesiastes, there is a time for everything, and the time for promotion is here.
      We are currently the only DA meeting operating in California. When that changes and there are dozens of meetings to choose from in our area, let alone California, then we will revisit this tradition.

      If someone needs to reach me, a human will be able to figure this phonethingamajig thing but a robot won’t. I M @ the FOR Oh Ate … Area Code…. then it’s Fore Six Oh 5 Sevenn Oh Sevenin.

      In God’s Agape Love
      Kevin O

  18. Many of the above comments are asking about meetings. I too would like to attend a meeting in my area. Cypress Texas 77433. Near Houston. When you are so depressed taking a bath is a battle, it is almost too much to attempt help when what you are looking for isn’t there. Maybe it’s just me.

    • Hi Bonnie
      Thank you for your recent letter to us about Depressed Anonymous Groups in your area. The only DA group so far that we know is located in Texas is the DA group at The Colony in the Ft. Worth-Dallas area. Their mailing address is: The Colony, The Colony ER Center, 4780 ST HWY 121, The Colony, Texas, 75056. Their email address is dathecolony@yahoo.com. The contact there is Tom M. Please give them a message and hopefully they can find something that would be closer to you and would better meet your needs.
      We hope that more groups were available but maybe someday there will be. But we can only do so much. If someone wants to start a group we are there to help them as much as we can. I do hope that you keep in touch. Hugh S.

    • Hello
      Thank you for your request. Yes, there is a group near you at Shrewsbury, MA. Please go to the website menu and click onto Groups IN US. Go to Massachusetts menu and there you will find time and location for meeting time. Good luck!

    • Sorry to say, that at the present time there are no groups in this area . Hopefully, someday. In the meantime you might want to take a look at a Home Study Kit which would enable you to go through all the Steps with a commentary. All these are written by persons who were depressed.
      Thank you for thinking of us.

  19. Greetings. We want to know if they have the Spanish version of the literature. we are attentive to your confirmation to start a group in our city, we are a group of people interested in a solution to depression from the 12 steps. Thank you so much. Jorge

  20. Greetings. We want to know if they have the Spanish version of the literature. we are attentive to your confirmation to start a group in our city, we are a group of people interested in a solution to depression from the 12 steps. Thank you so much. Jorge

    Medellin, Colombia. South América

    • Hola Jorge
      We are in the process of publishing our main Book Depressed Anonymous. The author(translator)of the translation from English to Spanish hopes to have the translation finished at the beginning of the New Year 2019.At that time we will send it to our publisher and begin printing the first edition of the Spanish version.
      But I believe that I have corresponded with you before and happy to hear from you once again. We will keep your name, address on file onbce our book is ready for publication. Keep up the good work and hope!!!

  21. I was wondering how to go about getting a DA group together in the Denver area. What would you
    recommend? How do you get this type of thing started?

    • Hi Amy
      Thanks for the note and inquiry re Depressed Anonymous and starting a group in your community. I would recommend that you go to the MENU at depressedanon.com and check out the menu titles. There are a number of issues that you would find helpful in getting a group started. First of all, you might want to look and read the FAQ plus the Newsletters Archive. There you will read info on how to start a group. There is a meeting format sample in our Big Book Depressed Anonymous. It sows the group meeting program and how to direct a meeting. There are so many topics that you will find interesting and very helpful.
      I heartily recommend reading Depressed Anonymous as that will give you a good idea of who we are and what we try to accomplish with our mutual help group. This book has been written and put together by members of Depressed Anonymous. We all have been depressed and using our experience to talk about our personal stories of recovering utilizing the Twelve Steps.
      Basically Amy you would do yourself a favor by looking at all the material we have to offer and see how you might want to incorporate that into your own life and go from there. Also, I write a BLOG which you might like to follow.
      So, there you have it–a small piece of the picture–but if you want to continue I will be happy to work with you as you move forward in that desire to help others free themselves from the potentially life threatening malady we call depression.
      If you would like to write to us–please feel free and we can see where we can go from there. Looking forward to hearing from you again.
      Our mailing address is depanon@netpenny.net.

  22. I live in Toronto in Canada.
    Is there not a fellowship here?

    How can I go about starting one?
    I would love to organize meetings here. We need to support each other.

    • Hi Lori
      Thank you for the offer to get a Depressed Anonymous mutual aid group started. We all know the world–every community needs support to deal with the life threatening reality we call depression.
      About your question if there is a fellowship in Toronto–yes, there was about 10 years ago. But I have not heard of a group in recent years. Sometimes groups just start up and we don’t hear about it so as to post it on our website.
      We will be more than happy to help you get a group started. You are the fourth person who have written to us this week looking to start a group in their community.
      If you want to learn more about who we are and what we do–please look at our Website at depressedanon.com. It is the menu that can give you an idea of what we are about. I would ask that you read as many of the items located on the menu that you can. Since I try and write a blog every couple of days we now have at least over 800 article that you can read. Also, on how to start a group you would do well to access the Newsletter Archives for more information on our organization which is peer led and operates with the 12 spiritual steps of AA as our guide. We have adapted these steps to the reality of depression and find that for many it happens to work its miracle.
      Lori, please start there at the Menu and see what you can find out and if it fits what you are looking for.
      Also, we have two major works, written by people like myself, who have suffered depression and began living the life of the steps.
      Our Depressed Anonymous Publications Bookstore can offer you a great variety of topics on how to deal with depression and gather the tools that can help the depressed be free from the prison of depression. The group is the power and the fellowship provides the freedom to not be isolated and alone.
      What I can do, is after the Holidays next week, I will contact you again, and spell out some ideas of the how to start a group..
      I have been working with the depressed for over 30 years and thanks to the STEPS, SPONSORSHIP, AND MEETINGS I have been sober and clean all these years and I find my passion is doing with you what I do with those many people looking for some help and getting started on founding their own support group.
      Looking to hear more from you on what you would be willing to do to help others.

  23. Hello!
    I’m from Russia and I’d really like to join a DA group but there is any in my area.
    I try to study 12 steps by myself but, it’s difficult. I’ve started to write the 1st step (using the book and workbook), but I don’t realize how to do this correctly.
    So, I’m writing to you in the hope that you can help me to find an english-speaking sponsor (or maybe even russian-speaking) who can help me to study the steps.
    Hoping to hear from you soon.
    Best wishes,

  24. Hi,
    I have been reading DA for a little over a year now and absolutely love looking forward to new readings and have grown I must say in many ways due to it. However, since becoming ready to step out into this big ol world and join a DA, Ive discovered there isn’t any to be found in my entire state. I live in Knoxville Tennessee and we have about any kind of ‘A’ you can think of but nothing for DA members or even anxiety meetings! I’ve tried the AA and NA and about any other ‘A’ meeting in town hoping to connect on some level and get anything from it or even offer something at the least to someone else. Sadly, and surprisingly it just isn’t that easy for a woman in DA to find meaning or even purpose to be in a Narcotic Anonymous meeting (if that makes sense). So, for about a year and a half I have been simply following and reading online and commenting as led to do so. If you or anyone has any suggestions or know of any outside groups that I’m not finding , please feel free to send my way! Thank you so much for your time!
    Searching and hoping in Knoxville Tennessee,

    • Hi Mylinda
      I sent a reply to your mailbox. I had not read your 2nd comment at the time until now. I do hope to respond later. I hope that you might share with others that we are here–regardless of a f2f group in Knoxville –others will be inspired to follow us here at this site. Women in Holland and Portugal have set up an international online DA group. If you would like information in this online group please let us know and I will send an email to the leader. AS you and I know, depression is definitely a global problem–epidemic in fact.
      What is possible is for a group of persons to gather together and go through the Steps together. Persons in one country do this recovery program as a group–actually it turns out to be a Depressed Anonymous group.
      The possibilities for recovery are limitless. Check out the Newsletter Archives at our site and you can find more about who we are and what we do. We are not alone.
      BTW–I like “grit and grace.” Super!

  25. Considering starting a group in East Texas. Please contact me so I can get some more information 903 504 6509 sincerely Johnny D.

  26. Hi Hugh
    God bless you.

    Because of lack of sponsors we pass 12 steps with my “online DA called sister” together reading book and workbook, talking in Skype, watching some videos, trying some prays meditations, and discussions.

    Our progress is really good.
    But sometimes there are some strange side effects on 3rd and 4st step

    1) Is it Ok to pass DA in pair without sponsor and what are safety regulations?
    2) We use quite a lot of AA literature to understand 12 steps. Is that ok for you
    3) Could we share our experience to our depressed brothers and sisters?

    Best regards
    Sergey K

    • Hi Sergey
      Thanks for the mail. Good to hear that DA is operative in Russia and starting to grow. I hope that you all do what you can to bring serenity and peace to many of your fellow countrymen. Every nation needs to find serenity in our program of recovery. As you and I know, depression is of epidemic proportions globally. It is when persons like yourself who get together and support each other that good things begin to happen. Thank you for your group bringing hope to those who are “Still suffering. Please let us know if we can help in anyway whatsoever. By the way, are you familiar with the Russian translation and publication of DA manual? Let me know.
      Secondly, because I do not understand Russian, in 1) Question to me I do not understand the question. What does the question refer to when the word “pass” is used. If it means study, I see no problem. You can still discuss Steps without sponsor. It’s best to have a sponsor–but no sponsor–study anyway. Safety regulations? Why this? You can help me here.
      2) Use whatever works for you and your recovery. Many of our members come to program because of the 12 Steps that they learned and used in AA. In fact I used a quote from Bill W., at my BLOG. Take a look. We all are standing on the shoulders of giants–Dr. Bob., and Bill W.
      3)Isn’t this the idea–to “carry the message” to those who are still suffering from depression. Step 12 says it all!!
      So, Sergey, tell your own story–tell them what life was before DA or AA or whatever 12 Step program you are involved with and then how your life is now that you are living the Step life. People are looking for hope–you have it–don’t hide it–share it. Be a light for those who are living in despair and hopelessness.
      I am so happy that you wrote–I had no idea that you were out there. I am working with someone from Russia doing a Step study. At one time I gave SKYPE interview with Elias Tee in SIberia. Quite a nice experience. I believe he was directing a treatment facility and I got to meet some of his membership via SKYPE. Do you know of Elias.
      Keep in touch and may God bless all you good people–doing good for each other.
      Hugh S.

      • Hi Hugh
        God bless you and thanks a lot for answer.

        Explanation of “safety regulation”:
        I follow “primum non nocere” principle.

        I had really strange experience:
        – a little madness on step 3rd when I tried to listen to Lord – I received pretty strange advice to punch somebody etc.
        – loosing concentration on step 4st – I had hundreds of opposite wishes and couldn’t make a choice

        I solved that by meditation and Prayer of the Optina Elders, but I’m really don’t know what to do if somebody else have such experience except my DA partner.

        I could save my “DA partner”, but I’m not sure what is necessary to do for the rest.

        In Russian live groups people are supported by someone called “Going first”, but I don’t know how much steps were actually done by me.

        My question is: How could I understand that?

        I know only that now I have ability to hope, to suffer, to forgive, to love, to work and live without fear.

        P.S. DA Russian speakers meeting point is http://darassvet.ru/

        Best regards
        Sergey K.

  27. Hi Hugh

    God bless you

    I’m Sergey K from Russian Speakers online DA sector.

    If you remember, I asked some questions on Depressed Anon site concerning passing DA in pair with my “called sister” without sponsor.
    It seems that I already have a “spiritual awakening” from 5th of december and good remission in 2 month and my sister is on step 4 in a month.

    I’ve shared my experience as you adviced me.
    People from Russian Speakers online DA are impressed but can’t believe it, me sometimes too.

    They started to ask me for supporting them.
    I could have nice private life and spend all my time for me (and supporting my “DA sister” of course) but there are around 100-150 people online and no sponsors.

    I talked to different people from DA and other 12 steps program whom I trust and they are experienced sponsors and they say that I can do the sponsorships.

    Last person who I talked was provider of DA International Online Skype Meeting. She also confirmed my quess that if there is no sponsors, best way is to do 12 steps in pair.

    Could we talk a bit via voice (Skype) concerning that?
    Thanks a lot
    Sergey K.

    • Hi Amanda
      There is an International Skype group meeting that meets on Sundays. You can get the address on our depressedanon.com blog here at WP. The meeting is in English. You might try that. I don’t know your State but you might look at the drop down menu on website for DA in USA. It lists all the States where DA is located. Other than that, that is about it. Sorry to say.

      We will be having another Webinar at the end of March sponsored by Russian DA groups–it is in English. I will be offering this program.
      Have you thought about using the Home Study Program Kit. That is a do it yourself with a sponsor provided by Depressed Anonymous. It’s offline and emails are the communication tools. like long distance learning. We use the DA manual and the Da workbook for our program. If you would like more information please let me know. (Depanon@netpenny.net)
      I would also recommend the blog at this site http://www.derpessedanon.com as well as the items on the DA Menu Home page. There is an item FAQ which might help answer questions that you might have about who we are and what we do.
      Thank you again, and sorry I could not be of more help as to group meetings close to you.

  28. I was trying to look for meeting in Georgia, particularly in the Atlanta area, but when I tried to look under the group section I was unable to scroll down all the way. I am unsure if there are any groups in Georgia. Anyone out there know? I would really like to find one.
    Thanks so much,

    • HI Vanessa

      We are not aware of any DA groups in this area. Sorry to say, but if a group was to be formed or has been formed we would let you know about it. A number of years ago there was a group operating in Detroit–but not any longer of which we are aware.

      Starting a group is always possible even though some preparation is necessary. If you are interested in this route please let us know and we can find ways to assist you. Being familiar with the Depressed Anonymous Material would be a necessary step in helping others. Staring on the Home Page menu list is a great place to get to know who we are and what we are about.
      Thank you Vanessa for your interest an taking the time to write to us.

  29. Hi. Oh my gosh this story is the very first time I’ve heard my life told in 62 years. In a tiny Florida town where I’ve been lead by God there’s nothing close to me at all and may be nothing near Jacksonville Florida. But I’m more than willing to do anything to change what has controlled my entire life. I’m up momentarily from the bed where I’ve been 13 years in August. Please tell me where and how to begin. Is there anything near 32011. I’m a very intelligent and once had all the exterior successes now isolated for so many years. Occasionally I can function to try to get help but mostly absolutely baffled and suicidal. In all my years of trying any and everything to change this I cannot succeed alone. Am finding God through scripture and in good moments faith is real. Then back to black and dispair inexplicable. Can you guide me to something? Up for the moment. But God knows when it will do it’s horrid life destroying gig inside my head to hopelessness moment to moment. Please direct me. Thank you to whomever wrote my story in this website. I cannotexpress much in hearing a different voice besides the suicide voice of I’m totally alone and crazy hopeless God forsaken wasteland of hell I’m just been breathing through praying for death to end this. Thank you for 1 moment of knowing I’m not what this tells me I am nor what
    confusing, how did this happen, completely isolatiolated horror show that no one whose ever known me in the before would recognize. In Callahan Florida. Thank you so much. I’ll be waiting. K

  30. Hello,
    I am wondering if you are
    Offering the depressed anonymous meetings on Monday’s in Las Vegas? If so please send me contact info, along with address.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Devin–Thanks for your inquiry. If you click onto our website at depressedanon.com and go to menu item DA GROUP LISTING and scroll down the drop down menu you will come to NEVADA. I see that there are 2 groups listed for Nevada–both in Las Vegas–just you luck. Little humor there.
      Anyway, that is all we have to offer for your wonderful State. If you need more information on possibly starting a group please let us know. You can also get into our Home Study Program of Recovery–see Booklist. A sponsor can be provided by this excellent one – on – one program of recovery.
      Thanks again for your interest–
      Hugh for Depressed Anonymous

  31. Hi I have a friend who is struggling with depression and self harm. I’d love to get more information on meetings and resources I can offer him. He lives in Downey, CA. Do you know of anything? Please let me know!

    • Hello Paige
      The only group which I am familiar with is the group in Santa Clara. Other than that I know of no other groups that treat depression with the 12 steps…but that doesn’t mean that they are not around
      Our group has information that might be helpful for your friend and for your self as a concerned friend. If you like, you may want to take a close look at the various topics/items listed online (see homepage) at our website depressedanon.com. These would also serve as good talking points for you with your friend. We also have online support with our Home Study Program of Recovery, using the Depressed Anonymous Manual and Workbook. You might also peruse the Blog Posts we have written over the past three years and these might pique his interest.
      Thank you for reaching out for your friend and I hope that because of his self harm thinking you will see that he get to see a mental health professional. That would be my first suggestion and then go from there. You can call us anytime. My # 502. 553.3404. If no immediate answer please leave your #., and I will get back to you as soon as I am able. Thank you for your deep concern for your friend
      You may order online. See The Depressed Anonymous Publications Bookstore and click on to see books available.
      . Hugh S.

    • Hi Greg

      Presently we are not aware of any DA groups in the Florida area. If you are looking to start a DA group in Florida–congratulations as there are always a need for our group as depression is of an epidemic proportions. Please go to our website at depressedanon.com and there you will be able to find info on starting a group. The Newsletters archive will be very helpful. Let us know how we can help. Ok?

  32. Hi there,

    I live in Sydney Australia and would like to bring the DA fellowship here. I’ve made contact via email but haven’t heard back. Would be great to connect with someone. Any advice appreciated.


    • Hi Georgina
      Thank you for the inquiry about our group. Please look at our menu items on our home page at http://www.depressedanon.com plus read archived postings on our blog at this site. This will be a great start. The Newsletter archive has some helpful tips on starting the group. WE also recommend that you first read our basic material such as the Depressed Anonymous 3rd ed., plus the DA Workbook. You can find them and info about them at the Depressed Anonymous Publications Bookstore. These two books are our main focus for members. We also have other literature which has been written by our fellowship.
      There is also info on the Home Study Program of recovery which you can find helpful and which individuals and groups are using as a online way of getting in touch via email with sponsors.
      I have had groups listed in Australia before but there are no groups now that we are now. I have also worked with an individual via Skype who hailed from Australia.
      So, lots of options here for you. BTW, you can also order books if you choose (online) from Amazon.com. My very good friend over the past years, Dorothy Rowe, help promote my book published by Harper Collins in the late 90’s. In fact, she has had a major influence on my personal life with her own published works. She was a major speaker here in America when we celebrated our 10th anniversary of Depressed Anonymous.
      Well, Georgina, so happy you wrote and please let me know if there is any way I can help facilitate your further interests in possibly starting a group in Australia.
      Dr. Hugh S.

  33. I saw on the website that the depressed anonymous book was available on the website and on amazon but I’m not finding it. Does anyone know how to purchase the ebook version?

    • Hi Jim-How to order Depressed Anonymous books from the website:
      1. Go to Google and type in website address-www.depressedanon.com
      2.Click onto Home Page Menu list and click onto VISIT OUR STORE
      3. Then VISIT THE STORE will take you to another page where you will click onto the green Text saying The Depressed Anonymous Publications Bookstore Look at books available for online order—then
      4. Order your book(s) here and enter them on the shopping cart. You can also download email books Depressed Anonymous and The Depressed Anonymous Workbook.
      GOOD LUCK!

  34. We want to start aDA group where we live in the UK.
    Please let me know what to do. There is a lot of need for it
    Have been in AA for 30 years so am aware of the 12 steps.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    • Hi Susan
      Thank you for your inquiry about the Depressed Anonymous group and utilizing this 12 step program in the UK. That would be wonderful because for those persons like myself and so many others it will make a difference. Our program now is worldwide, thanks to our Books being offered at Amazon.com. You can ordered all and any of our publications (Depressed Anonymous Publications) from Amazon.
      We are recommending two of our books Depressed Anonymous and The Depressed Anonymous Workbook for starters. Also, Higher Thoughts for Down days is also a good daily meditation source for someone who is depressed and in recovery.
      Dorothy Rowe, whose award winning book,The Way out of your prison, was introduced to me when I first began starting our own Depression 12 step group in 1985. You may be familiar with her writings. Good resource.She wrote the Foreword to our Book published by Harper Collins (Fount) 1990. The title,Depressed ? Here is a way out.

      I do hope that you begin our group because as you already have experienced the 12 Steps you are aware of their power and healng. That is where I started, in AA., and from there I saw the power of the Steps when dealing with the addiction of depression. Like many of us, I became addicted to thinking thoughts of despair and hopelessness. I got in the spiraling ruminations until I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning. I think you know what I am talking about.

      There are 30 personal stories in our Book, Depressed ANonymous, plus a step by step commentary on each step as it applies to depression. Well, Susan I don’t want to go on and on here, but if you are looking for a source of hope and help, and wish to use the spiritual principles of the Steps this will be a source of strength for you and the people you are there to help find serenity.
      A lso, our website http://www.depressedanon.com, offers a big assortment of menu items all pertaining to who we are and what we are about. We also have our DA Newsletters archived–we publish about one a year.

      So there you have it. The Depressed Anonymous Workbook is the companion volume to our “Big Book, 3rd edition.

      Please write to me anytime, with your questions and concerns.Also, we offer these two books via eBooks. Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Our email is Depanon@netpenny.net. With gratitude. Hugh S

  35. Hi Hugh! Its Robin R, one of the original members. I did not get a response from you so I’m writing again. I would like to work with the homeless people downtown and maybe start a meeting there and perhaps in the east end of Louisville, etc. Please let me know how to do so and the best places to do so.

    Many thanks!

    • HI Robin—Good to hear from a DA member. I am happy that you are still involved with the program. Do you still attend meetings? But obviously you are wanting to give hope wherever you can and starting with the homeless is a good place to start.
      Years ago I had a small group at a shelter (WAyside). That was a tough situation.
      Today, because of my heart problems I am trying to wind down some of my activity. I am happy you want to start a meeting with the homeless as well as a DA group in the St. Matthews area. A group is needed everywhere but I am no longer able to do too much of setting up groups. I will do what I can to assist your efforts for helping get a group started–especially with the Homeless. I was thinking to help the men who come to St. John’s day center and just be available to the guys who want to attend a meeting there.
      That would be one place to start. As to a group in St. Matthews area what you need to do is to check out a church who sponsors meetings of 12 step and see if DA would be welcome?
      Please let me know what you think and we can go from there.
      PS I answered your lst letter on 9/9/19 but obviously you did not get it. Let me know if you got today’s. I am happy you want to help.

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