“Depressed Anonymous saved my life-twice.”

Depressed Anonymous has saved my life twice now. When I first came, I had been suicidal for some time and was only looking for the right time and place to make it look like an accident. After a few meetings, the suicidal feeling began to leave. I started to realize that I wasn’t the only one who was having problems coping with the problems of life.

In the spring of that year I suffered from another bout of severe depression and had decided to end it all. I had the date, the approximate time, the place,  and the accident all picked out.  I started withdrawing from the Depressed Anonymous group so that  they would not try to talk me out of it. I stopped taking my medication to make sure that I could not pull myself out of it. Our Higher Power had different ideas. Depressed Anonymous members for some reason kept in contact knowing something was not right. That added a great deal of difficulty in carrying through with my plan because I  could not distance myself from people who cared and showed it.  It was a very hard to know that I would be letting them down.

I managed to make the appointed day and had prepared to leave the house. As I said, the Higher Power had other ideas.  Just before I left, a Depressed Anonymous member called me to just chat about themselves.. That took a little time. Then  all the neighbors, one after another, kept coming over to ask me to help them with little projects. It was very hard to put on a “happy” front, but I knew I had to do it or somebody would figure out that what was about to happen was not an accident.

By the time everything was done, it was dark and too late to leave. If I had left after dark, and had the accident, it would have been obvious it wasn’t one. This was a 400ft bridge  in the middle of the wilderness that no one but emergency vehicles goes across in the dark. The day ended and I was still alive and angry that my goal ha not been accomplished. Now I would have to plan for another day.

Depressed Anonymous members came to my rescue again and through their support and listening. I finally overcame the deep depression. I am getting better each week. I know that if Depressed Anonymous had not been there for me that I would have continued on with my suicidal plans. Sometimes I get very depressed,  but Depressed Anonymous is there and it is the vehicle that the Higher Power is using to help me cope and learn how to “knock down this fire within me.”


[My friend Ron  has served for many years as  minister who supports and provides spiritual aid to long distance truck drivers in his roadside truck stop chapel and prays with them and for their needs. I have known Ron for many years and his faithfulness to those in need is truly a gift – a gift of hope! God saved his life that others might continue on the road of life and healing.  Hugh]

See more of these Depressed Anonymous members speak about their own recoveries and how they walked the talk of a new hope  who gradually left behind their anxiety and fears of living.  Many more testimonies can be found in Depressed Anonymous, 3d edition. Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville. (Pages 149-150. Please see the Personal stories section in our Depressed Anonymous.)

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