Depressed Anonymous ZOOM meetings

Updated 29 Dec 2020: The US based ZOOM meetings are no longer being held.

Dear Depressed Anonymous Fellowship,

The following is an email where you can gain information on gaining access to the ZOOM Depressed Anonymous Meetings which gather twice a week.

The admin advised me that persons wanting to join the meeting can contact her at this address to get the ID Code and the Password Code. We are doing this to protect the participants and the site from being hacked. We thank you for your understanding.

Contact: [email protected]

7 thoughts on “Depressed Anonymous ZOOM meetings”

  1. Hello Rebecca, my name is Bernadette. My youngest son, who is 27 years old has been battling with ADHD, Depression and Anxiety for most of his life. And his sufferings have been made worse because of this lockdown. He currently lives in a bungalow at the rear of our property and has just begun having some visits from his 4 year old son, as he is going through a difficult separation from his partner, who also has Asperger’s…
    He picks up his son on Wednesday mornings from 9:30am till 4:00pm.
    Also every second weekend from Saturday morning @ 9:30am till 4:00pm on the Sunday afternoon…
    This has helped keep him a bit more positive. But my husband and I feel like we’re walking on egg-shells around our son, he comes over and gets into arguments and they escalate into full on anger and abuse at times. We are trying to be supportive, but are struggling and need to find better ways to help him.
    Can you suggest anything?
    Thanking you in advance.

    1. For face to face meetings you will have to reach out to the person(s) listed as contacts for that particular meeting. FYI – in this time of COVID many face-to-face meetings are meeting instead via phone or Skype/Zoom.

      There is also a list of many online meetings and instructions are found under Meetings / Online Depressed Anonymous Meetings in the menu bar.

    1. You can use Depressed Anonymous to combat your depression directly. The meetings that you attend can also talk about the topic of anxiety, but the focus of the written material in DA is focused on depression. Anxiety is mentioned as it often accompanies depression. You may want to attend some DA meetings and decide if this fellowship will address your immediate needs. You can find information on meetings at:

    1. Thank you Jose for the vet who needs a call from us. I will also let him know that you referred him to Depressed Anonymous. It would be good of you to let him know that we will be contacting him.

      Hugh for the Depressed Anonymous fellowship

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