Depression and ecology: the greening of the human spirit

In my life, I have found that most things that we do have their origin in the mind. First comes the thought, then the feeling , then the mood and then the behavior. So, does this mean that what we think we become?

So if I think I am superman, does that mean I am? If I think that I am a giant and only 5’5 tall, it’s obvious that something is not right about our thinking.

But if metaphorically I think I am a giant among others in the way I can shoot pool, then this is just a manner of speech, and not to be taken literally.

Depression and ecology are related. Here is how that works: Each person, according to the LIFE MODEL all living creatures have four essential characteristics. All living beings have a competency, an identity, are autonomous, and are interrelated to every other living being.

When we are depressed, we might feel that we no longer have a purpose in this life, or that we have lost our identity because, let’s say, we lost our job or an important relationship with another; having to retire from a position that we loved, our identity closely identified to our work, we are saddened over this important loss.

Aging presents us with a gradual diminishing of our competencies. We no longer physically able to move around as freely as we wish; our body no longer responds to our mental directives. Now that we are no longer able to get around as we like, we may need a walker, wheelchair or help with eating, dressing, We are now at the mercy of those who assist us and help us keep some of our autonomy, and I might add, dignity!

Because we are social beings, our lives over time have been interrelated with family, friends and others. Our world is without a doubt connected to everything that is alive. We inhabit a world where everything living is connected to everything else.

The ecology of the human person is composed of body, spirit and mind. These three realities are like the three legs of a tripod – each one needing the other. (Depression is the result of a highly interactive dialogue between biology, personal and psychological factors, and the environment.)

In an effort to deal with these factors each one of us must make time to discover what in each of these three factors can be changed so that the depression or melancholic experience can be lessened and even eradicated. What can I do to change what needs to be changed?

The “greening” of our personal environment begins when we admit that something is out of whack in our lives. Not only is something out of whack but is such that the psychic and physical pain is overwhelming. We discover that our mental state is such that we are gradually slipping down into the abyss of despair. It is ironic that only when we are physically immobilized and our mind feels like it is filled with cotton balls, no longer are we able to think ourselves into a happier frame of mind. Our will power is futile in its attempt to straighten out this personal confusion and internal mental restlessness.

So, when does the “greening” start? What gets us feeling more like ourselves, going about our lives with a sense of purpose and happiness. What can we do to get us back on the playing field of live, interacting with others and finding joy in the simple pleasures of life?

I have found the answer to this question. The “greening” of my life, the environmental landscape started to change for the better. I found hope and a way to live my life using a plan that gradually game me my life back.

This plan is there for all to use. It is called Depressed Anonymous. It is a 12 Step approach on how to live. It is a program of recovery which if put to use on a daily basis will help restore hope and give meaning to your life.

Please read about how this can happen for you in the book Depressed Anonymous. It’s happening for anyone serious about getting their life back! You can read some powerful stories in this book and gradually see how you too can get the help and hope that you so strongly desire.

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