Family members discover they experience many of …

the same feelings as the depressed!  If you checked off more than five of the items below, you might consider the DEP-ANON Family Group.

When family members were asked to prioritize, describe and list which feelings they experienced most often and most intensely, the following are those which they documented: 1) feeling overwhelmed and burdened by a family member’s depression. 2) feeling restricted around the depressed, feelings of something similar to the to the expression of walking on eggshells. 3) Feelings of helplessness. 4) Anxiety about the situation and not knowing what to do about the feelings they were experiencing. 5) Feeling emotionally drained. 6) Feeling inadequate, faced with a loved one’s immobility and lack of motivation. 7) Feeling anger and frustration at the depressed. 8) Being an enabler. 9) Feeling that one was living an unproductive life as one was stymied by the depressed unproductive depression. 10) Having feelings of irritability and impatience, 11)  Feeling inadequate. 12)  Unhappy. 13)  Feeling betrayed in retirement by spouses late life depression. 14) Indecisive and lacking confidence in themselves.

Are you surprised to learn that the depressed experience the same emotions?  You have more in common than you thought!

Quote from the DEP-NON FAMILY GROUP brochure.

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