Getting A Grip!


Just for today, I intend to believe and hope that my relaxing my hold on life will give me, paradoxically, a better grasp (grip) on where I need to be in life.

“I still get scared, I don’t know where I am going or what I want anymore, or what life will throw up at me next, but, for the first time in my life, there is no rigid life-plan, and I have been forced to take, and enjoy, one day at a time.”


After admitting that I am depressed I can very truthfully say that I now need to get on with my life and work.  I want to admit as well that the Higher Power will not let me travel down any roads that I need not travel.  Even though there are always a few bends in the road along the way, I will still trust in my God to get me where I need to get. I also know that by attaching myself to my God’s leading I cannot go wrong.

By the time I was almost a year old, I already knew who I wanted to attach myself to as well as I knew who I wanted to withdraw from.  Is it possible that early on childhood frights are still unconsciously scaring the wits out of me today.  I need to live in the solution and attach myself to what has worked for me in the past when I got myself out of depression.


Just our surrendering our will to you, our God, gives us the liberty to attach ourselves to new and hopeful ways of reflecting about our lives.

SOURCE: (c) Higher Thoughts for Down days: 365 Daily Thoughts and Meditations for 12 Step fellowship groups. (1993, 1999)   Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville, KY 40217. Pages 83-84. April 25.

2 thoughts on “Getting A Grip!”

  1. So glad I am feeling better then last month. I go to twelve step groups and am adjusting well, still have a way to go, went back to Gym today signed up and walked four miles on treadmill, thank God I am recovering.

    1. Yes you are recovering. To walk 4miles on a treadmile you’d have to be recovered. I have been in 12 step groups for 30 years and have NOT been on a treadmill and walked 4 miles. ..yet. Those things just go to fast and uphill for too long. Is there a treadmill that is designed like a merry go round –it looks like you are really going somewhere –but aren’t. But, I’ve been going in circles all my life and so I really feel more secure on merry-go-rounds. ..and safe.

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