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   Home Study Program starts November 15, 2017.  Sign up today.  Two members of the Depressed Anonymous program  will facilitate your personalized  responses to the Depressed Anonymous Workbook and the Depressed Anonymous Manual.

There is no fee for this sponsorship of members.  To become members one  has to use the DA Workbook and DA Manual to  participate.  See how to Order online. The reason for developing an online program  is that we find is that there are not that many DA groups extent in the USA. We are hoping that in order to help those still suffering from depression that  they can now have a one on one  sponsor online who  will guide them through  the process of learning about depression as well as finding solutions for overcoming it. Of course this will take work, time and prayer to accomplish. We have no magic wand or magic pills that will take away the reasons for the pain you are experiencing now–but it will give you answers to your own situation. Because of the nature of our approach you will provide your own answers to the questions posed by our Workbook and by reading the Manual. Our guides will respond to your answers from the workbook and make their suggestions along the way.

Both of the sponsors who will relating to you and your work will be members of Depressed Anonymous.  One will be the founder of Depressed Anonymous and the other sponsor  will be the founder of  Depressed Anonymous  in his own community.

If you want to challenge yourself,as others have done with this Home Study program, jump  in and sign up. Many of you have tried everything to free yourself from the pain and isolation of depression.  Here is your challenge to take an individual and hard look at  your own life and be given the tools to overcome and deal with a very serious illness, which effects your physical, mental, emotional and   spiritual realities.

During your online program  participation you will be provided new and helpful ways to respond to those areas of your life which need your attention.

Importantly, we are not acting as therapists or taking the place of any professional medical person whom you are a client or patient of.  We are fellow sufferers reaching out to those like us who are looking for answers and help. We all are no longer alone!!!!!

Also we will hear from someone who  now wants to involve others in her community and join together to form their own Depressed Anonymous program.

Please contact us at for more information.

Also, our email address is:

Thank you and hope that you will join soon in this positive and personalized approach to recovery from depression.

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