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“How often at our Depressed Anonymous meetings do we hear this being said about those said about these persons who keep coming back to meetings, week after week. This frequently heard comment comes from older members of the group. We all can see that something positive is being demonstrated in the newcomers face. The old frozen mask of depression is withering by the wayside. Now, there is a brand new look of softness in the face and the person is beginning to smile more.  In fact, the people who keep coming back to meetings are getting themselves out of their crippling isolation and beginning to feel differently as they participate in the group meetings.

One  of the valuable realities of Depressed Anonymous  is that you get feedback from the other members of the group. For most of us, we appreciate the words of support as we continue to work on ourselves. Our working the 12 Step program and getting involved with other members of the group is beginning to show ion our faces.

We are a little surprised to see that others are concerned enough to notice and to care. So often all we have heard from family and friends is to “snap out of it” or “Hey, forget  about the pat–get over it–and get on with your life. ” But having not been depressed themselves they haven’t a clue that one just doesn’t “ snap out of ” depression. I hope that one of the ways that we can continue our efforts to help others escape the prison of depression is to let the newcomer know that their work on themselves is noticeable. The fact of the matter is this –if we stay isolated and alone no one will be able to say how they  see us. I know that we really don’t want to see anyone when we are depressed and that the secret of getting better is to make that effort at sharing our experiences with others who are still suffering  from depression. Go to a meeting today–it works!

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