Hold on! Hang on! You’ll make it!

Yes, you’ll make it. Don’t give up because of the pain and hurt today. Tomorrow is not here yet. Just hold on for this 24 hour period. Just continue to hang on. Keep yourself moving toward the light. The light will shine again for you. Just know and believe that you are not alone. Others are making it–so will you. Others are taking  a real look at their lives and seeing  that amidst the rubble of a painful past there is a hope shining  thru it all. Don’t give up. The best part is that there is help on the way. Now, if you are looking for help and wanting to feel  alive again – you’ve come to the right place. Every life can be rebuilt and renewed.  But let’s be honest .  This desire to feel good again and get out of this tight grip of depression — it will cost you something. It will cost you the risk of hoping that something will change for the better in ourselves. Yes, risk is the operative word here. You will have to do the same thing day after day–and that is to live only one day at a time. That means that you will have to let the dead past bury the dead past. Even though the past and what happened to us there cannot be totally forgotten,  it  must not trap us in our tracks  today–this 24 hour period.

Today we will have to live out life on life’s terms–not try to run from the pain nor deny the pain  that is there. And we need not fear the future cause it’s not here yet. We just will begin our journey with “baby steps” so to speak.

We will have a plan(one has been working its healing in millions of lives around the globe.for  decades) that if you are serious about recovery for yourself–it can work for you. We call this plan the Twelve Steps and the spiritual principals of recovery. We follow a plan laid out by those who have possibly been where you are now. We call the members of this group who follow this healing plan, the Depressed Anonymous  recovery fellowship.

In a book (Depressed Anonymous, 3rd edition) written by those of us who have used this plan, and continue to use it for our personal daily recovery, and for helping others depressed, we have found a strength and a hope to live one day at a time.

If you are interested in finding out more of who we are and what we do, then please take a look at the various menu references listed here  at our Website, DEPRESSEDANON.COM.  If you would like to order our literature,  which will make available to you the reader, the way out of our prison of depression, then please, VISIT THE STORE.


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