Hope Is Like A Road In The Country

Hope is like a road in the country;
There was never a road,
But when many people walk on it,
The road comes into existence.
– Lin Yutang

At a point in time,the AA road never existed.
At a point of time, the Depressed Anonymous road never existed.

With hope, a new road comes into existence.
What road was not there before, many roads exist now.

Hugh, for the fellowship

2 thoughts on “Hope Is Like A Road In The Country”

  1. Hi I am new here… I am trying to ask for help but sometimes I just can’t I guess when your desparete enough I just have to my life is spiraling way down my husband and I relapsed a year ago after 8 YEARS… 8 YEARS… Why? All I hear is… Because your an addict no…no that’s not the damn answer I don’t have the answer but I know it’s NOT because I am an addict
    Since the age of 12 maybe younger I have been suffering with depression and several other diagnosis
    I need help
    My quilt and depression are gonna ruin me once again
    And I am so tiers of fighting
    Many days I believe my kids will be better off if I was dead… From my own thoughts… My mom and dad are both alive and well but they don’t care about me they never call ect so it hurts more to know your parents are alive but they don’t call write or nothing they are my only family so u see I been on my own since 15 anywayit would be so less hurtful if they had died I don’t want my kids to continue my hurting them and I been thinking about it alot especially since I relapsed

    1. Jennifer,

      I hear your pain and anguish. You are not alone. There is an online meeting that meets every day at 12:30pm Eastern time. For specific instructions on how to access the meeting please go to: https://depressedanon.com/meetings/online-depressed-anonymous-meetings/

      There are several other days and times where they meet as well. Please consult the webpage for specifics.

      You are worthy of love and healing. I have a suggestion: make a personal commitment to go to 6 of the online virtual meetings. After the sixth meeting make a decision if Depressed Anonymous is a fit for you. Just like going to the gym, you probably won’t see results after a single visit to a meeting.

      We are a warm and welcoming group. You don’t need to hide or put up a front of the members of DA. We’ve experienced similar things to what you’ve experienced.

      Good luck in your recovery, Bill R

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