How can the Depressed Anonymous Group empower me?

“We know that 1) Depressed Anonymous  educates and informs us about our experience of depression. 2) We know that Depressed Anonymous nurtures  us so that we can begin to share unashamedly our unpleasant feelings with others. 3) Depressed Anonymous accepts us and does not make judgments about our experience with depression.  In  other words we don’t hear “snap out of it”  from the members of the fellowship. 4) Depressed Anonymous teaches coping skills by our frequent meetings and group membership interaction. We know about being connected with like minded folks. Depressed Anonymous empowers us so that we feel there is truly a way out of depression for self and/ or  my  loved ones. One of the major benefits of the group is that you can hear how other persons depressed have made it out of their depression. It is also clear that the program works best for those who keep coming back to the meetings.”

Source: I’ll do it when I feel better. 2013  DAP, Louisville, Ky Page 30.

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