How soon and how quick can I be free from the pain and isolation of depression?


Recently  someone wanted to know  ” how quick could they be free from the pain and isolation of their depression? ” How soon can they get back on  the playing field of life?  It was like, how can I hurry this mess up in my life, and get going  full steam ahead.  They wanted to   feel  the way did before they got knocked down by those  feelings  of hopelessness and  helplessness. Well, I guess they thought it would be like going to the doctor and asking how long this flu or cold would last? Normally, that would be a fair-enough question to ask. We all have asked it. We have all asked it because we were  sick and tired of being sick and tired. We wanted relief. The jitteriness and hollow feelings which depression was causing   was just too much to live with.

But as we all know this question can only be answered with time and the frequent and active participation in the fellowship of the group. It is by reading the texts of the Depressed Anonymous manual and attempting to put these principles  into daily effect in  one’s  life. Also, one   can begin to feel some improvement in their lives as they slowly gain a belief, a faith if you will,  that they too can get better. If others can do it  “I can as well” they tell themselves. Yes, this will be their truth.

With time, patience and sharing they  begin to accept themselves for who they  are and change what they   don’t like in themselves. By the fact  that one comes to a meeting is in itself half of the battle in overcoming one’s depression. It is this interminable isolation that keeps the depression at its height and intensity. It is only when a person can admit that their life is out of control and begin to   trust the group  with their story: a painful journey describing how    they got to the point where they are today —  isolated,  anxious and hurting. Much like a full-body toothache.

The program is a very simple one-but this doesn’t mean that it is easy. All change is painful and if we are to grow we have to change. We have to  resolve some of these old issues that keep popping up in our lives. They   want our attention but we continue to cram then back in place and don’t want to took at them.  But the only way to get free from these feelings of painful  despair  is to face these feelings, as difficult as they are,  and move along with one personal change after another. We start by    making choices which benefit our new feelings of hope and serenity.

The first step in getting past our depression is to first get into the door  of  a  Depressed Anonymous meeting. And if you don’t have a Depressed Anonymous meeting in your town then you can find literature at our website (   This will be a great start in gradually chipping away at our fears, our pain and debilitating isolation. There is no quick fix.   All good growth is gradual–even with medication it still takes time to tell if the medication is working  for you.

In the meantime, check out articles on  our website where you will find  articles talking about what you are feeling  now and with  a promise that you too will  feel better.


SOURCE: Depressed Anonymous, 3rd edition(2011) Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville. KY.

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