Daily Skype Depressed Anonymous meeting every day . (https://join.skype.com) –


Greetings!  To access  the daily Depressed Anonymous Meeting  @ 12:30 CST   Central Standard Time/ or  1:30  Eastern Time.  To join the meeting, simply log onto Skype and sign up either @ 12:30 CST or @ 1:30pm Eastern Time.   You should see something that says “join meeting.”

If there is a problem with the signing up, you can email the address given and we will send them a link directly.

At the meeting you can turn on your mic to talk and video if you wish.


One thought on “Daily Skype Depressed Anonymous meeting every day . (https://join.skype.com) –

  1. Online International Depressed Anonymous Skype Group meetings
    Everyday there is a DA Skype DA meeting online. The meetings are scheduled at 12:30pm Central Standard Time and 1:30pm Eastern Standard time. Go to your browser and type in https://join.skype.com/ Download and sign into Skype. Search depanon@hotmail.com. and send a message asking to be added to the group meeting and discussion. Have a good meeting.

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