I am depressed. Now what can I do?

Ok. Basically once you have discovered that you are in the grip of depression and are looking for a way out, I recommend that you begin to encounter the 12 Step recovery program of Depressed Anonymous. This is a recovery program, with all the  same spiritual principles as laid out for those wanting to recover from any other addictive substance, ( alcohol, heroin etc.) emotional or  relational problem. In other words, anything that has caused your life to hit the skids. Anything that has caused your living to be a daily walk in hell.  Our program depends on a power greater than any problem behavior, negative thinking, or physical addiction that would have us in its grip.

If our life is in LOCK DOWN we have the key that will release you from the prison of your own depression. But their is a catch. As we all know, in life there is no free lunch. There is “no easy or more comfortable way” to free ourselves from depression,  or  a life spinning out of control. It takes work, time, prayer and getting in touch with others who like ourselves, are looking for help. In our fellowship of Depressed Anonymous, we have all the elements together in one place where you can start to take control of your life and gradually free yourself from the pain and life threatening illness we call depression.

Our program based  on spiritual principles is not a one shot deal–it is a real deal  where our whole life is centered on this Power greater than ourselves.  And if you want to travel on this road, and join the rest of us who are walking in the free spirit of hope and serenity, then please join us. There are no fees or dues.  Just a simple willingness, an honesty of heart and openness to what we have to offer,. And please, don’t make up your mind before you at least give the process a chance. Don’t tell yourself, “well it won’t work for me, I’m a hard case, and I’ve tried everything under the sun. Well, that is except Depressed Anonymous and the freedom approach.”

Back to your question: what can you do?

We have written a book–actually lots of books-which describe and illustrate how thousands before us have, with work, time and with others like ourselves freed ourselves with a potential explosive and life threatening situation. Our program based on the spiritual 12 principles of recovery are to be found in our treatment of recovery  book, simply titled, DEPRESSED ANONYMOUS. Here you will find  personal stories on how the program works, plus a commentary on each of the 12 Steps and how they gradually, one after another, bring us to mental peace and physical renewal.

If you want to read about all the material (books) written by folks just like yourself, who have battled depression and won, then please VISIT THE STORE and find described there  what will be a source of how it works and how you can begin to apply it to your self and then put it into action TODAY!

Our works are now presently being published in Persian (Iran) , Russian(Ukraine)  and all are accessible in English and can be ordered online at our website (here).  You can keep coming back and read articles which will help guide you through your day.

Also, please see a description of our HOME STUDY KIT which is a great way to  discover your own way out of depression if there is no Depressed Anonymous group in your community. The HOME STUDY KIT may also prepare you for starting your own Depressed Anonymous group.

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