I am going to have a Higher Thought today!



“You dismantle your depression by thoroughly  examining your own beliefs and how you construct your world. It’s in the way we usually think about ourselves and the world that enables us to predict with accuracy the way things turn out.” (9) The Antidepressant Tablet


In my past I usually predicted gloom and doom about everything that I chose to do.  I always felt that whatever I did or whatever I tried to do would end up in the trash.  I never felt that I could do anything worthwhile.  because I never considered anything I did in the past as being worthwhile. I predicted that nothing would ever turn out for me…and you know I was right! Now I am predicting success as I am beginning to value myself and the things I do. I have found that with some small experiences that the more I predict success, the more success appears on my horizon. Is this what they call a self-fulfilling prophecy?

My depression made me an excellent  prognosticator of things to come. These things were always bad. I always thought I had cancer, was suffering from a heart attack or had some rare and incurable disease. I was always seeing life from the negative and hopeless side.  I am learning that it is only when  I practice seeing life as hopeful and filled with promise, that I discover  that my moods begin to lift.  I am feeling more cheerful like when I used to have hope in my life and took it for granted.


We trust you our God, to let us see life as it is and not as we usually think of it when we are depressed. I see life with promise and possibilities.


SOURCE   Copyright(c) Higher Thoughts for Down days; 365 daily thoughts and meditations for 12 Step fellowships. (2014)  Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville.Ky. Pages 218-219.

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