“Now that small voice, that little part of you that wants to have light and some hope is getting  up the courage to ask for more of itself.” (8)


  I can no longer turn back and live in my old self. I am like the butterfly gradually becoming winged and ready to fly as soon as it throws off its old body.  — an earth clinger —  the body of the caterpillar. My metamorphosis is in process and nothing is going to turn me back to the way my life had been.   I want now for my life to continue to get better as I notice that the more I work on myself and trust in my Higher Power, the more  I am ready to live my life with courage and hope.  I am beginning to like the taste of living life and look forward to each new day as it comes.

Courage is to have heart and to believe that all things can work out if I just put my belief into gear  and work as if it all depended on myself and pray as if it all depended on God.

MEDITATION  God, we hear you speaking to us to grow and to trust.  We will count the ways that you have cleared the obstacles from our path so that our down days are less than before and we have more good days than before.”

SOURCE: Copyright(c) Higher Thoughts for down days: 365 daily thoughts and meditations for 12 step fellowship groups. Louisville, Kentucky. Ps.67-68.

Do you believe that you can fly –will fly —-want to fly? Is there that  small voice inside of you that keeps  telling you that you don’t have to stay an earth clinger, no, you can be a butterfly. Take a chance! Try and fly. Listen to that small voice inside of you who wants something more! Trust  all those other people who no longer just crawl along but are now flying hopefuls. Now, I am not talking fairy tale nonsense. I’m talking the way it could be. But there are certain things that you must do. One, admit that you are powerless and that your life is unmanageable. Then commit yourself to a power greater than yourself who will give you the wings to fly. And then getting a flight plan from this Higher Power(Butterfly) -or God as you understand God –you begin your flying. Simple, eh? Thanks to my Higher Power– the great Butterfly in the sky — you throw off the old body –and  join the many who are flying today. Hugh

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