I Can Change The Way I Feel

“We  do know that depression, like any other long standing emotion, can and does cause a physiological change in the body. Many scientists also know that positive emotions over time can produce a change in the immunological makeup of our human body and so protect it from illness.”


Depression can be eliminated from my life after I take a closer look at my lifestyle. If I want to conquer depression, I have to take a closer look at the way I think, behave and live out my life.  Of course, to have a belief in some power greater than myself produces the hopeful vision that, in time, I can begin the healing process. My brokenness and fear of risking change is at the core of my depression.  I know that once I begin to get moving in a positive physical and mental way, the healthier I can become.

Someone once said that an emotion is energy in motion. A good description I would say.  My ability to maintain an emotional balance depends heavily on my belief that I can change the way I feel. I know with the help of my conscious contact with my Higher Power that I can find the peace that I am searching for.


We know that good things start to happen when we give up our will to the one who wills nothing but our personal good.  The power which is greater than the power  of our depression is desirous of eradicating its dominion of our lives.  Let go now your fear to let go and let God.


Source: Copyright(c)Higher Thoughts for down days:365 daily thoughts and meditations for Twelve Step fellowship groups. Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville. Page 106.  Higher Thought for May 25.

Source: Depressed Anonymous (3rd Edition) 2011. Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville, Kentucky.

3 thoughts on “I Can Change The Way I Feel”

  1. Early morning can be a struggle. But I have a plan for today I need to do three things today and can accomplish at least two well. Third one is a bonus of sorts.
    I am at least looking at this site commitment to feeling better and focus on hope usually follows, all I need to do is reach for my higher power, and ask that the stuff I don’t need gets removed.

    1. Yes, morning can be happy. My mornings–at least three to four times a week, start with a morning walk for a half hour. This activity is what helped me dig out of depression years ago. I forced myself to get out of bed, put on my walking shoes and GO! It is still a marvelous way to start your day.
      Hugh And, thanks for writing. Your thoughts help us all,

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