I depressed myself. I can undepress myself.

My name is Linda and the first time I read Depressed Anonymous, I did not like it and I got angry. The first part of the book about turning our mind and lives over to a Higher Power sounded good. I was ready to do that. Hey! Here it is God. You take it. No more depression! But then came the part about a moral inventory,shortcomings and the big one is that I depress myself.

What is he thinking about? I said to myself as I read the book. I had tried to un-depress myself many times. I put the book down, and went to work.

But as I was walking around at work that night feeling very depressed, bits and pieces of the book kept popping into my head and I started to think of the word “stop” just like the book suggested to do. “I depressed myself. I can un-depress myself I said to myself.”

Look for SUNSPOTS, memories from the past that were happy times and ones which bring back happy feelings from years gone by. I tried, but none came to mind. But I did find that thinking about the book and what it said did make me feel a little bit better. Then a piece of a song popped into my mind. “Seek you first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and all the others will come to you.” “Hey! A SUNSPOT!” I said to myself.

Then I felt a warm glow and then I did feel better – I did it! I made myself feel better. I did un-depress myself! I had mixed feelings. I wanted to feel better, but admitting I depressed myself was not an easy thing to do.

I went back and reread the book, but now with an open mind. I have started to to follow the Twelve Steps and with the help of the Higher Power, I can have a brighter future. I am making and putting in my memory a lot of SUNSPOTS for those times when I am feeling depressed and which I can choose to draw upon when I feel that I need them.
I put up a “stop” sign and bring out a SUNSPOT to carry me through.


Depressed Anonymous 3rd Edition, © 2011, Depressed Anonymous Publications, Louisville KY. (Page 114 – Personal Stories #3)

4 thoughts on “I depressed myself. I can undepress myself.”

  1. Ok, one more try. I am trying to get in touch with Dallas, TX, Colonies DA. They have no phone contact and have not returned my email from the address they post on their site.
    Can you help me with this?
    I want to start a group in Amarillo, and am hoping to drive down and participate in their group to learn some about group dynamics and protocol.
    I have called the national phone number in the DA manual and it says not a functioning number.
    Thanks, Dan

    1. Dan,

      I’m sorry that we haven’t replied to you in a timely manner. There is no centralized control of DA meetings. We merely pass along the information that is given to us. During this time of Covid, many face to face meetings have postponed meetings. That may be the case for the Dallas meeting. There are several online meetings that I’d like to make you aware of: 1) daily at 17:30 UK (12:30pm ET) on Skype; 2) Tuesday evening at 7:30pm ET on Skype; 3) Sunday afternoon 4:00pm Mountain Time on Zoom. Please reference https://depressedanon.com/meetings/online-depressed-anonymous-meetings/ for exact details on those meetings.

    2. I forgot to mention that if you attend one of the virtual meetings you will see how meetings are typically run. Each group decides individually how their meeting is going to be formatted. These meetings are examples of HOW a meeting can be run, but other meetings don’t HAVE TO exactly match the format of another meeting. Currently the virtual meetings don’t pass the basket to cover expenses (at this time, but that may change). If you decide to go with forming a face to face meeting, you will most likely have rental fees to pay for your meeting room. You most likely will need to pass the 7th Tradition basket for voluntary contributions to cover expenses. DA has no dues, or fees, but we can ask for voluntary donations to cover expenses.

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