I discovered a rule for living! I don’t have to try and do this alone

The Twelfth Way out of the prison of depression with excerpts from Believing is seeing: 15 ways to leave the prison of depression.

“Our Depressed Anonymous program of recovery is one of hope and peace. The more active I become in my efforts to think and act positive, the more confident and free I become.”

When I was depressed I just wanted to hide and isolate myself from others and friends. I cut myself off from family and friends. We didn’t want anyone to bother us. We wanted to be left alone. But ultimately this attitude and behavior only helped me  dig a  deeper hole.

I discovered a rule of living  that  if you want to become free, the best way is to participate  in a group of people who know what it is to be depressed and share a plan that works.

“The benefit of participating in a group far outweighs the negative when we are depressed. While depressed you may feel that your social skills have suffered, even so believing that by being a member of Depressed Anonymous,  your abilities to fellowship with others  will be strengthened. Your life will definitely be enriched. You will start feeling different about yourself the more meetings you attend. In time you will be taking the focus off yourself as you listen to how others are showing improvement of mood and behavior.  You will discover that they are much like yourself. You are not alone. You begin to hope again.” Page 62.



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