I found in this Depressed Anonymous program a path of freedom


Is the present moment a problem or an opportunity for you? So often in the past, I struggled with the “isness” of the happening in the “Now”, but of course our lives are always happening in the “Now”. Fear would grip me with panic of the “What ifs”, driving my beliefs of a problematic outcome or future. I had so much resistance and felt so powerless.

I found in this Depressed Anonymous program a path of freedom, while journeying along the path. New beliefs began to develop. New attitudes of hope began to grow. Opportunities for spiritual solutions manifested from problems to challenges, to opportunities.

The ‘God of my understanding’ stills the ruminations of despair.A quieter mind softens my perceptions. This new presence takes on a formlessness of love, peace and happiness.

I have a new gratitude for the falling away of an old miserable sense of myself. I discovered God’s image in my true nature of beingness. This materializes as the same “I am” of peace and happiness living in a timeless “NOW”, AKA: KINGDOM of HEAVEN WITHIN.

I love the quote “uncover, discover and recover”, struggling now is in the past. What a blessing even they have turned into! “Now” is a lovely place to live where the sunlight of the spirit is always present, even when a few clouds may pass by. Enjoy your journey.

(C)Janet McCain(2022)

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