When I first joined the fellowship of the 12 step program of recovery. I really didn’t “get it  All I knew was that my life was in pieces and that I came to the 12 step group to see if I could put all the pieces of my broken world back together again. Well, it really wasn’t me alone that was putting everything back together. I knew it was my responsibility to  do all that I could to measure the work to be done and then get it done. I had lots of help. Lots of supportive people who saw me through the times when I didn’t get it. I especially didn’t get the surrender part to this Higher Power. But  after my prayer and  reflection time I realized that just by walking through the fellowship door for the first time that I was “:getting it.”  Just admitting that I had nowhere to go but up was a real  big step for me. Now after “still getting it” I am able to help others “get it.”  Our program takes time and it takes work. But it’s taking one piece, one shard at a time. By the time that we worked through all the steps, embedded ourselves in a loving fellowship,  plus admitted that there is a God and it isn’t me, good things happened for me. That was more than 30 years ago and I am still “getting it.” Get it?

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