I had lost myself- until …

“All of what I have written down so far(see articles for July 22,23 at this site) has to do with creating meaning. Humans have as their occupation  to constantly create meaning for their lives. Whatever we do has to have meaning. Most important of all, I felt alone, worthless, and especially unacceptable to myself. During this time I had the thought that if someone were seen laughing or having a good time –this made me angry. How dare anyone could smile while I felt so miserable? This unfamiliar feeling made me  think that my brain was made out of cotton. I couldn’t  shove another thought into my head. It was as if the cells of my brain were filled to the brim.  Like they were saying “sorry, we’re full.”

NOTE/ Please tune in tomorrow and discover how  my life finally got turned around!

SOURCE:   I’ll do it when I feel better.(2014) Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville. Page 3/Ch.#1-How it all began.

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