I have a gift to give today

“I have a gift to give today to someone : my experience of how I have overcome the powerful  grip of my sad thoughts and depression.” Hugh S., founder of Depressed Anonymous.

Bill W., co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous has to say about his own struggles with depression.

“I have something to contribute to humanity, since I am peculiarly qualified, as a fellow sufferer, to give aid and comfort to those who have stumbled and fallen over this business of meeting life.  I get my greatest thrill of accomplishment from the knowledge that I have played a part in the new happiness achieved by countless others like myself.”


I am also grateful.  I have the gratitude attitude that my life has been completely turned around . I admitted that I have had a problem, that my life was unmanageable and that I intended to do something about it. This is the first time that I ever believed that I could do something about my depression. I am taking my message of hope to other fellow sufferer’s. It is heartening to me to know that even though I might have been depressed for as long as I can remember, that today is the first day of my life. Yes, there is a way out of this sadness. I am grateful for my new way of thinking and living my life.

It is one of my major accomplishments in this life to know that I have been a better and happier person by my continual efforts to be grateful for everything that God gives me. I thank my God, as I understand him, for the ability to do better at living, one day art a time.


God, please give me the ability to know you and love you and increase in me the attitude that I will and can trust you more with each new day.


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