I have found a peace in my life

Gloria reminisces about some of the feelings that she had experienced at a few of her first Depressed Anonymous meetings. It was there at these 12 Step meetings where she not only found herself but some friends who were going through the same battles as herself. When asked if she would like to share her thoughts with a wider audience she agreed that would be a good thing for her to do. In her testimony she shares how she knows that in helping others she helps herself.

The following comments are taken from the Depressed Anonymous manual where her story is included in the Personal Stories section.

Depressed Anonymous is now meeting at a church. I’m a facilitator whenI am needed. Something I never thought I could do five years ago. I pray before I go to meetings and ask God to speak through me to help these people. I always go to a new person, as I vividly remember my first meeting, and make them feel welcome. There are four of us who were together first on June 6, 1985. We have become very good friends. I still remember the things the counselor from the very beginning told us. I’ve seen people come and go. Some helped, some for just one meeting, some wanting a magic wand waved. It has helped me over the rough spots, and gave me courage to go on as a widow. I have found a peace in my life, a special joy in knowing and loving people. In helping others, I have helped myself. I know my background in life has made me depressed at times. My Mother ws abusive and I realized later in life that it was an emotional illness. I forgave her.

I moved to Evansville ten years ago. It is hard to make friends in a new city. But through my support groups at church, I have made lots of friends, super friendly people.

I will continue to attend Depressed Anonymous. Every meeting is different and who knows what mystery each group holds? One never knows who needs me, who needs a smile or hug, who needs to feel that they are not alone or who needs to know that there is a God who loves all.”

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