I learned to be good to myself



“I really can’t remember for sure how I became involved in Depressed Anonymous. I believe that a coworker told me about a professor at the University  who had students who were helping people in the psychology field and who wanted to know if I would be a volunteer to help start this new self-help group. And it was free! What do I have to lose? I have seen doctors, took the prescribed drugs and still ended up on the same old merry-go-round of ups and downs and “hangovers” from the drug. I joined a small group at first. We talked, set weekly goals, took short  walks, visited with friends or enjoyed a cup of coffee to relax. We had to do something for herself. I had to learn to be good to myself, instead of nurturing everyone else. I found a good doctor who gave me a lot of good advice about “pampering” myself more. It had not been easy. I read self-help books, positive thinking books and worked hard on my way of thinking for years. I’m a natural born worrier, so things always seem worse than they really were. So after four marriages, I finally sat back and took a good look at myself. Why was I making these bad choices in keeping my head messed up? After staying for single eight years and working on myself daily, I am now remarried and happy. I have two daughters, two grandsons who are my pride and joy. I work with the elderly at a nursing home and manage to keep busy and happy.”

One of the things that came to me in reading Margie’s story was that she learned how to be good to herself. Why wouldn’t she when she finally got a handle on her depression and learnt how to deal with   trying situations that at one time had her baffled. She found that depression was not to be her lifelong companion and the source of her self-pity and despair.

As a fact, I know personally that those of us who have used  the 12 spiritual principles of the 12 steps, have found the key that unlocks our prison door of hopelessness and helplessness.

I hope that you might look at this wonderful tool which can release you  from the darkness  of a life lived in a continuous state of melancholia.

Our Home Self Study Kit, comprised of our manual, Depressed Anonymous  plus the Depressed Anonymous Workbook will enable  you to dig into the reasons for your own depression while at the same time  learn more about your own self from the study of the Depressed Anonymous Workbook. This adventure can all be carried out in the privacy of your home.  Who knows, it might lead you to want to help others  who are depressed and who have no one to help them. As we all know –it takes one to know one!

SOURCE: Copyright(c) Depressed Anonymous, 3rd edition. (2011) Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville. (Margie shares her story. Personal stories section. Page 131.)


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