I refuse to be a victim of my depression!


The following is a process for clarifying our thoughts so that we might gradually  work our way out of depression.

(1) Aware. I’m learning through my program of recovery, using the 12 Steps that as long as I blame everyone for the way I feel I will never improve my feel differently. I’m now becoming conscious that I got myself depressed and now I’m going to have to do something about it.  I’m not blaming myself for being depressed – that’s counterproductive – but now being conscious that I am depressed I am going to take full responsibility for getting out of it.  I don’t have to feel this way!

(2)  Motivating. I am making a plan to check out the way I think– the faulty patterns of automatic thinking that I fell into over my past life. I am now going to see myself as a survivor  as I live one day at a time and begin living with hope.

(3)  Doing. Every day I’m going to do something good and pleasant for myself. I’m going to take mastery over my life by setting small goals one day at a time for feeling different. I’m going to spend some time every day making conscious contact with the  God of my understanding and pray that I might have the will and the power to carry it out!

(4) Maintaining. I know there is no  “cheap grace” and getting free from my depression.  I also believe in having gratitude that I have the spiritual program of recovery to continue my exit from the despair of depression. In order to sustain my healing I will take responsibility for all my words, thoughts and actions. I now believe that if my world is to change then it is up to me to change it.  I now know it is up to my Higher Power  and myself   to feel whole and serene. ”


Source:  Copyright (C) The Depressed Anonymous Workbook (2002). Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville . Pages 42 and 43.

Note: This valuable tool is coordinated with the Depressed Anonymous manual, 3rd edition. (2011). Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville.

By using both of these works (Home Study Kit) one can begin to walk the path of recovery using the 12 steps.

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