I Think I Hit A Home Run!

“During my first night in the hospital, a member informed me of a support group known as DEPRESSED ANONYMOUS. I decided to give it a try. By telling me about this wonderful, miraculous, and very spiritual program, this person had not only worked the Twelfth Step, but has   also given me a key, a key which would open many doors for me.  Walking through these doors  was like admitting defeat. I was playing first base in a  ball game in which I would eventually win. If I struck out, I was back on Step One. By playing ball with a positive attitude, I was allowing my Higher Power to walk the Steps to recovery with me. With the help and the positive sense of fellowship that I enjoyed in the group, I began to understand God’s will for me. With the love, support, and true friendship of three faithful members in the group, I began working on my driver’s license when  two members of the group took me in for my road test. A new sunnier life had begun for me. The worst was finally over.”


SOURCE: Depressed Anonymous (3rd.Edition) Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville, Ky.  “We never talked about our feelings.” Page 112-113.

7 thoughts on “I Think I Hit A Home Run!”

  1. Movement and exercise are big part of my wellness I walked 3
    Miles yesterday and today on treadmill. At gym at least I am around other people I don’t say much but at least I am there. I feel better than two days ago.

    1. Thanks for the positive update. I am happy that good things are happening. When we continually take responsibility for ourselves — good things happen. You are a good example. Keep coming back.

  2. I still feel much better and Tommorow is my birthday so I am going to be extra careful about my moods the next couple days. I went to mass this afternoon, to be as close to my higher power as possible.

    1. Happy B’day tomorrow. B’days are a reminder that each of us is here for a specific reason and purpose. The more you and I live or try to live out God’s will for us, through prayer and meditation, the more God’s plan will unfold for us. Wait for the Lord.

  3. My birthday is finished now, it was a good day, I walked 1.52 miles on treadmill, rested, listened to several of my favorite nutrition
    AllenackerexpeRience.tumblr. Com

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