“I WANNA BE FREE!” (3) Home Study Program/Excerpts

We read in the Depressed Anonymous Workbook,  Step Two, which states the following   “Came to believe that a power greater than myself could restore me to sanity.?

                                       “I came to believe…”

In the 12 step program of Depressed Anonymous I’m learning to march to a different drummer and whistle a different tune.   In fact, the road that I am now traveling down is a road  that will gradually lead me out of the dead ends  of depression, guilt, listlessness and the old familiar atrophy of my spirit to a new vision of who I am to be  and become.

WRITE:  What is it that you want to begin to believe about yourself that is different from yourself when depressed?   Please list four ways that you are going to gradually change the negative and hopeless way you believe about yourself today.

2. 2

2. 3

2. 4

2. 5


Now name and list  the persons, people, places, situations, things that have exerted the greatest power over you and your life in the past. The places, persons, and situations can have a positive or negative power over you and your life.

2 6    Persons

2. 7.  Places

2. 8   Situations

2. 9  Things

Now stop and reflect upon the persons, places, situations that you either gave power over you or who had power over you. These four categories are powerful influences in the past which even today may still exert their influence over you. Try and write down how this is perceived by you today. In other words, are these persons, situations, places or things still causing your life to feel out of control and unmanageable today? If so why? And if not, why not?

2. 10  Please write out your reactions to the above statement.

NOTE: You can use your notebook to list your responses .


Depressed Anonymous Manual

And now we turn to the other  half of the  Home Study Program.     We will look at an excerpted passage  from the Depressed Anonymous Manual,  Step Two.

”  for the most part we are able to hide how miserable we feel. We have given ourselves over to the believe that this growing feeling of helplessness is what must govern our lives, moods and behavior. We have  given it  license to run roughshod over every part of our life and over our relationships.  Most people can’t see inside us and discover the pain  that makes up our every waking moment. For the most part, we are able to hide how miserable we feel. “Depressed Anonymous, 3rd  edition. (2011) Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville. Page 39.

And now, list the areas of my life where I feel helpless.






Thank you. I hope that you found useful the information presented today.


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