I was beginning to feel better, my sad mood was lifting and then my mind’s critic whispered, “Yea, but it won’t last!”

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The mind’s inner critic has it all figured out. It had always been this way, especially the past year and a half. Always the negative verdict. No clemency here. I felt that I was doomed, never able to climb out of the hole that swallowed me alive.

When I felt the lightness in my mood it came as a total surprise. I had been walking for over a year and then suddenly I felt that there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. I know I had paid my dues to whatever it was that had me immobilized in fear and fatigue.

The inner critic in my mind made sure to let me know that this short spell of an upward positive mood was to be short-lived. “It isn’t going to last” was a thought like all the other negative thoughts that continually filled my mind. In fact it wasn’t until a few days later, that the positive mood took over completely and has stayed with me to this day.

My life changed from night to day. I could not believe that I was feeling like my old self, hopeful and filed with plans for the future. Instead of every thought spiraling me downward into the abyss, I was looking toward each new day with hope. My positive mood was deepening.

One final word. Then I became a member of Depressed Anonymous where I could share my story of hope and recovery. In fact, many times when I shared my story with the group, some of our members would tell me that it felt like I was telling “THEIR” story.

And now when reading a piece of my own story, I do hope that you join us online where we meet everyday and hear how our program of recovery is filled with solutions – it is a solution focused program – where group members gradually find a way out of depression. Depressed Anonymous has provided me with a key -the 12 Steps- for turning my life around and provided me with a plan. This plan not only works for me, but provides healing for those countless other lives who learn how to make the positive choices to live with hope and be part of a fellowship.

Please click onto our website at https://www.depressedanon.com where you will not only find answers for some of your own life’s challenges, but also be part of a community with those persons who live out recovery in their own daily lives.

For more information please check out the literature offered for our friends at The Depressed Anonymous Publications site. Our manual, Depressed Anonymous, the 3rd edition, is the book that is our guide for personal reflections as well a group discussion recovery guide.
Also, please join an online daily DA group at https://join.skype.com/EfjQ2rGUOEPv Depressed Anonymous Journey of Hope. We hope to see you there.

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