I will be in touch with my feelings


I will be in touch with my feelings throughout the day. I refuse to run from what I feel.

“..The ability to experience one’s feelings without resisting or running from them determines to a large degree whether a person is healthy or not.” (9)


I am going to make a real effort to do what I see works in depressed persons like myself. They all say that the longer they are in the program, the more feelings they are able to express and the less the unpleasant feelings of fear dominates their lives. I am finding that by writing my feelings down, the less frightening they seem to be to me. I am now able to deal head on with my feelings. I find this experience to be a freeing one.

My addiction was a way of walling off pain. In time, I became addicted to the pain and in doing so, I lost myself in the process. Now the pain is more important than what I am running away from,..

What I experience in my life determines to a large extent what I predict life to become. My past experiences are predictors of a life not as yet lived. I am wanting to experience the fact that my good days are more frequent now and my bad days occurring not as often.


God, the more I give up my need to be depressed the more I am finding that I am becoming more assertive and truly present to others in my life. I want you to help me feel my feelings and express them today. (Personal comments).

RESOURCES: Copyright(c) Higher Thoughts for Down Days: 365 daily thoughts and meditations for members of 12 Step fellowships. Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville. June 9th.Page 116.


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