“It’s decision time. Do it now!”

Not all large decisions can be made by simply listing the pro’s and the con’s of a given situation, helpful and necessary as this process is. We cannot always depend on what seems to us to be logical. When there is doubt about our logic, we wait upon God and listen for the  voice of intuition. If in meditation, that voice is persistent enough, we may well gain sufficient confidence to act upon that, rather than upon logic.

“If, after an exercise of these two disciplines, we are still uncertain, then we should ask for further guidance and, when possible, defer important decisions for a time. By then, with more knowledge of our situation,  logic and intuition may well agree upon a right course.

“But if the decision must be now, let us not evade it through fear, Right or wrong, we can always profit from the experience.”  Bill W., As Bill  Sees  It. , Page 202.   Co-founder of AA.

Depressed Anonymous Manual  and Decision Making

“God’s will is hard to determine at times-especially at such critical times as now when we want to give up on ourselves. This is the time to  give up our will and say “God, you take it – I’ve had it! You do the leading now!” And you know, God will. You will begin to get more honest with yourself as you begin  to look a little more closely at why you have been depressed  for most of your  life. And I might add here that for many of the members of Depressed Anonymous they seem to have been depressed from the moment of their conception. Even though many people come to Depressed Anonymous to help them through times of significant loss in their life, such as the death of a spouse, the breakup of a relationship , the loss of a job or loss of self esteem, many others are attempting to relearn how to act more  wisely and treat themselves kindly. Depressed people don’t know how to have fun or even how to plan a pleasant activity.  It’s  completely out of their experience. They spend most of their time beating themselves for all their real or imagined mistakes in their lives.”  Depressed Anonymous,  3rd edition. (2011 ) Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville. Page 46.

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