I’ve tried my way, it didn’t work! I then tried the 12 Step fellowship of Depressed Anonymous. It works!



I’ve tried my way, it didn’t work. I’ve tried the 12 Step way of Depressed Anonymous , it works! I’m beginning to feel that the people in my group really care for me.

“We cannot teach people forgiveness, but only show it by our own behavior, just as we cannot teach people to love but only show it by loving them.”

Clarification of thought

A group meeting is a sight to behold. Most self-help groups for persons depressed have their own format, but the one I am most familiar with is the one using the 12 steps of AA. It is a real joy to see how other members of the group are working the program, realizing that our program is a spiritual program. It is not a religious group…

The many people who are depressed and who come to the meeting, week after week, begin to feel better. It is one of the main areas of discussion. That is why people keep coming back to the meeting. They want to continue to feel good about themselves. They know that to feel better, they have to keep talking about their feelings.

The behavior that sets me apart from others in this world is that I always try to keep the focus on myself and not someone else. One of the main lessons that I get from the group members in our weekly discussion is that it is in others accepting us for what we are that makes a big difference. Also, I am never alone in my misery. Others know how I feel.


Having the power to ask for help from God, as we understand God is a big step for us as we begin to trust this Higher Power who has taken on a new dimension since I am becoming an active member of this Depressed Anonymous group.

Source: Copyright (c) Higher Thoughts for Down Days: 365 daily thoughts and meditations for members of Twelve-Step mutual aid groups. Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville. Page 18.

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