Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

The woman who made a decision –and moved out of her comfort zone!

She was lost.  She was thirsty. The dry hot air of the desert sands  sapped her body’s remaining energy. She had just finished her last bottled water an  hour past,  and now, dazed and disoriented by thirst and her mental   confusion,  she  saw the faint outline of a palm tree in the distance. “Was this an oasis?” she  thought,  as she gripped  the steering wheel,  frantically hoping against hope, that this small patch of greenery must have water within its  boundaries. Cautiously,  she moved  closer, surprised and grateful  that  this was not a mirage. “No,” she thought to herself,  her mind was not playing  tricks.  This was not one of those shimmering mirage images that fool desert nomads. This was real.

She pulled the car close to the palm tree, kept her eyes focused on the  lonely  tree  and with surprise  spotted  what appeared to be a liter filled bottle  of  water leaning against the palm tree.  She thought she felt a presence. “Was there someone else here?”  She  looked all around the small, garden-like area, expecting some desert stranger to come and claim their water bottle.  Her thirst quickly brought her attention back to the water and the life saving elixir that was to be  hers. Clutching onto  the  water bottle  — she suddenly spied a handwritten note posted  eye level,  notifying the  reader  in large ink-black  letters   ” If you are reading this now, and are lost and thirsty, just know that there is  water here. If you will look ten meters behind this tree,  you will discover an ancient water well hand-pump which can be used to  provide you  water  to get you safely on your way. You will be  mentally and physically refreshed.  But there is a catch,”   the note continued: “You can either drink the water in the bottle now, believing it will get you through another day and night in the desert   or you can  choose to use this  bottle of water, emptying it,   down to the last drop, it will all be needed to  prime  the pump and  bring the water to the surface. A warning must be given   that the bottle has just enough water to bring ground water to the surface. You must choose one or the other.”

Now, with every last drop of water from the bottle, priming the pump, she began to put her hands to the pump handle and  slowly  began pumping with slow and regular vertical motions,  with sweat-like beads  flowing  down her face. and her hands with a death-like grip on the pump handle, muscles in her arms starting to spasm, she felt a heaviness  as the handle began to bring  up, slowly at first,  a thin ribbon of water, next a steady flow, with  water   forming a small pool around her feet.  The water was cool. With a cupped hand she splashed  the soothing  liquid over her body and like a blooming  desert rose, came alive.

The sun   at its noon day station, its rays shining on the water filled bottle,  prepared  to give hospitality to the next thirsty desert nomad.



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