Life Is Unpredicatable

” Yes, life is unpredictable. Every living organism operates with a certain amount of unpredictability and uncertainty. The uncertainty of life creates in us a desire for predictability. If we did not believe in the possibility of change, we would all be hopelessly  lost and forever bored. Hope would be lost. Potential for a better life would never exist. When there is hope  change is possible,. The experience  of depression is much the same. Depression is so predictable and unchanging that we lose hope for the pain of our isolation ever coming to an end.”. (Source; Depressed Anonymous, 3rd edition.,)

When I finally knew that I had a serious problem facing me (sadness. ) I eventually became  proactive in doing something about it. I used my experience with the 12 steps and I   gradually was able to find hope and recovery.   I also found a lot of other things, such as  people who were willing to live  with hope and   taking  one day at a time. If they could make it thru  one 24 hour period, and face whatever life threw at them — then chalk up that day as a good day.

4 thoughts on “Life Is Unpredicatable”

  1. This is a helpful post for me. A few weeks ago I was on the threshold of suicide. Today I am stable and working on being gentle with myself. At times I have needed to take it one hour at a time. I do find peace at times now and for a person who has utilized achievement/been a hard driver to stuff all the sadness, anxiety, shame, fear, and guilt this is extremely challenging for me. I am working my recovery with turing over to God the control and predicabilty of which I have run my life. Please pray for me that I am gentle with myself, trust/faith in the process of recovery, and continue to keep hope that I will get through this period of time.

    1. Hi Hope
      Thank you for your gracious note to me and about what I am sharing with you and other readers. I will keep you in my prayers. And also, I pray that you continue to be gentle with self–anything less is counterproductive. Always know that your thoughts and feelings are important to me. Keep coming back. Hugh

  2. Thank you for these posts. I read them every day. They make an enormous difference in keeping me on track.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thank you for being here. I really enjoy reading feedbacks like yours–it encourages me to keep on writing–since my own depression (1985) and recovery–then to now I have found much help in the 12 step program of recovery. The spiritual principles have within themselves (Steps) a motivating force helping me and others to keep on keeping on. It works, Keep coming back. Hugh

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