Listen to the still small voice

“But  listen to that  still small voice folks — this is the voice that has been trying to be heard for years, only other negative voices and our own old negative mental  tapes have had more training  in getting their  message across.  Now that small voice, that little part of you that wants to have light and some hope is getting up the courage to ask more for itself. It tries to get stronger as it attempts to outshine those other parts of ourselves;  those parts that have been telling us how trapped we are in our feelings of worthlessness. How often do people say that part of them wants to do this and yet another part of them wants to do that. I believe that is the best expression of the conflict that goes on  in many of us when  we are depressed. Usually the part that is hurting and sad speaks the loudest and so often gets the most attention – but why not?  It’s hurting. When that part of us gets hurt it wants to withdraw –to hide and cry. It’s like a small child who wants to run away from all the anguish and disappointment. But inside  of us when the parts are struggling with each other, it’s like two teams pulling in a tug of war, and that takes energy to keep alive. We get worn out as we continually ruminate about how sad we are feeling and how hopeless everything looks. Most days we just want to go to our room, lie down and sleep. Have you noticed that the more depressed you become the more sleep you need or don’t need? There is that constant jittery feeling that won’t go away and reminds us of the hollowness of our lives.  The life we live is as bitter as ashes in our mouths.

Let’s listen now to the long – denied part of us that speaks out in favor of a change-that voice of hope that says we will feel cheerful one day…”


SOURCE: Copyright(c) Depressed Anonymous, 3rd edition. (2011) Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville, Ky. Page 33. (VISIT THE STORE for more information on this topic)

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