Misery is an option



”  We must be willing to let go of all thoughts that tell us that we will never get well. These are the same thought that have imprisoned us over the years. We now listen to the God of our understanding and proceed with the belief that what we hold about the world on the outside of us is determined and governed by the world that is lived within us.

We are in a brand new way, on  a new path, and find ourselves committed to a fresh belief that something powerful is starting to blossom within me. A peace that surpasses all understanding is beginning to be born as we learn to relax and wait and listen for that still small voice.  We pray that the God of our understanding make a way out of this desert of misery just as it has already created a way for those of us who live in the fellowship.  Our thoughts move  inside  us with light and peace. ”

Bill W., tells us

“We are sure God would like us to see us happy, joyous and free. Hence, we cannot subscribe to the belief that this life necessarily has to be a vale of tears, though it once was just that for many of us.  But it became clear that most of the time we had made our own misery.”


By  Hugh, a  member of Depressed Anonymous

I realized that with time and work on myself, I gradually realized that I didn’t have to live with the self-bashing  thoughts that continually circled around in my head.  It was only til I got involved with the 12 Step program of recovery that my mind found peace and calm.  The ruminations and my  up and down erratic thinking   began to smooth  out while my moods began spiraling  upwards and my self-worth went up  as well.

It was a fact that my ruminations were an effort by my mind to find the answer to why I was so depressed. It was like a dog chasing its tail. Let me tell you, that gets old after  awhile. When my physical self began to wear down I knew I needed help. No longer did I want to keep myself in a “misery mode” and so I did something that I never did before. I reached out to a 12 Step mutual aid group in my community and there I found a way out of the  misery thoughts that  kept circling in my mind.   The Depressed Anonymous group provided me with a miracle, namely., that I could come and share my pain and my isolation with folks just like  myself. They were becoming free and they promised me the same freedom.  Now I have the tools for overcoming my sadness and misery. That was 33 years ago.  They promised me I could change. They were right.

Copyright  (c) As Bill Sees it: The way of life….selected writings  of A.A.’ s  co-founder. AA World Services. NY.  Page 218.

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One thought on “Misery is an option”

  1. Hugh,
    Thank you for such wonderful and powerful sharing this morning. It was and is much needed for me right now. I believe today! I feel just a tiny spark of hope today. I’m not questioning it, I’m simply accepting it and being grateful to feel at all. Anything but numb, sad, tired and anxious! Prayers please from anyone…..I’m actually getting out of pjs today and going to work for a few hours. It’s been over a month of isolation and just yuck! So here I go……huge step for this girl!

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