My attachment to depression

I pray that my time alone might help me  better hear the love of God’s voice.


“The beautiful thing about God is that he is simple. There are no parts to God -no body, mind and soul. We see God as a oneness  and are only praying for knowledge of his will and the power to carry it out.  This is where we pray that we might listen quietly for the still small voice that already dwells in each of our hearts (the kingdom of God lies within) and comes to light the more we make time for it to speak.” (8) Depressed? Here is a way out. Smith, H.  HarperCollins, Fount. London.


It is such a painful thing to wait all day long wanting so desperately to feel better and not being able to will myself into that better feeling. I know that my attachment to depression has been going on so long that I will have to gradually await the changes that I believe will come the more I work this program of recovery. I will find the serenity and the peace of all those who have centered their attention on hope in stead of  the problem, namely our sadness.

I have to get quiet, take a few very deep breaths and let the breath of God fill every corner and niche of my mind. The breath of the healing spirit gives me hope that I will begin to see my world differently and so I will begin to act differently.


“God, please give me back the joy of your healing voice, and let a willing spirit sustain me.” Psalm 51:14.

SOURCE: Copyright(c) Higher Thoughts for Down Days:365 daily thoughts and meditations for members of 12 step fellowship groups. Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville.

Comment: And what do you think? How hard is it for you to take the time to get quiet and listen for the prompts of God in your own spirit?

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