My family was clueless about depression, until they joined the 12 step Dep-Anon support group for families

Depressed Anonymous and the Dep-Anon family program of recovery are two sides of the same coin. There exists a symbiotic relationship between the two groups. What happens in one of the groups (family) has a positive or negative effect upon the other group. With this symbiosis, there is an excellent benefit for both family and the depressed. The family centers its attention on itself and is not focused on and discontinues the blaming and guilt-producing impact that they are having on the depressed. They discover that their efforts to “fix” their loved one have an opposite effect pushing them further down into isolation and despair. They now use their meetings with other like-minded family members to learn about the nature of depression, realizing that all they can do is cope with the isolating behavior, understand what depression is and what it is not, and take care of their own lives. They learn that by being part of a supportive Dep-Anon recovery group that their lives change positively with the continued use of the 12 Steps in their lives.

The study of the 12 Steps gradually produces a feeling of respect and support for their loved ones. We are seeing that without their continued attitude of blaming, negativity between the two parties begins to be eliminated. The Dep-Anon fellowship will continue to grow in unity with each other while messaging their depressed family member that something positive is happening.


Smith, H. Dep-Anon, a 12 Step Recovery program for Families and Friends of the Depressed. (2021) Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville. Ky.

This work can be ordered online from the website at the Depressed Anonymous Bookstore.

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